Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm a WINNER!!! (in so many ways)

So, on a whim (I've NEVER entered contests on the internet, heck, I've only had my blog for 2 months) I entered a little give-away on The Dainty Squid. I was already so in love with the shop doing the give-away, This and That From Japan, and their Matryoushka fabric and stamps. I'm super stoked. I WON! A $25 gift certificate. I'm definitely getting this...

Also, wen't to forever 21 today and bought an entire new outfit for under $15. Stoked about that too. It's really rare that I buy new clothes, much less "new" new clothes.

It's our last weekend in Tucson. Ah! I can't wait until Monday. Except I heard back from the landlord and we can't actually move into our house until Wednesday, so it looks like Greg and Paula will be getting extra cupcakes from us for letting us and our brood camp out for a day or so.

And I'll leave you with something cute.

And an old photo that makes my heart burst!
Have a good weekend and I'll try to update before the big move on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahh!!!