Monday, October 25, 2010

Going Strong

I know this is my third update today, but honestly, the first two didn't really count as updates since they were strictly shop updates. Doug already fell asleep, and I am working on a new painting, watching South Park (Satan's Super Sweet 16,) eating pumpkin seeds and drinking a Coke. Here's a few little snapshots of the series I've been working on.

I'm pretty excited about these little paintings.
Doug and I went to Target earlier to get some batteries for his flashes (he has a photo shoot on Wednesday) and we found this awesome Halloween costume for Ollie. I am ridiculously excited. Doug's going to take real photos in our studio this week before we break it down for the move. Yay! (PS, HOLY HOLY we move in 5 days!!!!!!!!)

He looks SO cute! I love it!!
Okay. Now I'm going back to painting and snacking and South Parking.
Double xo!

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