Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beginning to the Beginning

I started packing yesterday. I know, we still have a few months until the move, but I DO NOT want to rushed. I want to minimize the things around us that will keep us planted, I want to get rid of so much.

I'll probably have a huge sale before we move, in the store, and in the yard. We are going to have a bike parts sale in a few weeks and see how much of that we can part with.

I just threw a pile of dirty clothes and blankets on the kitchen floor on the way to the laundry room and instantly Charlie plopped down and fell asleep. Just a little hitch in my plan to do a lot of laundry today. He just looks too cute to disturb.

I am feeling the stress coming on and am trying to subside it with keeping busy and just focusing on the future.

Back to work.


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