Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Washington DC

After being on the road for what felt like ages, it was a welcome treat to spend a day and a half in DC with some of my very closest friends. Poor Doug was still recovering from his terrible flu and pulled leg muscle, but he made the best of it and powered through. We got into DC on Saturday afternoon and made our selves at home with Danielle and Andrew. They fed us great homemade food and we sat on their back stoop talking for hours until Danielle and Chris arrived! 
Then we moved into the living room, talked for more hours, and finally got our shit together enough to get dinner. Thai food and french macarons, and then a walk around Capitol Hill. I may or may not have fallen asleep mid sentence somewhere around 3am. It felt like summer camp!! We woke up early the next morning and met up with Sarah and Josh who happened to be in DC for the weekend too. 
Got breakfast at Mr. Henry's and then met Andrew and Doug at the Metro to head to the holocaust museum.  
The museum was really intense, and such an incredible collection. We collected ourselves and grabbed pretzels at the corner stand before heading to the museum of natural history. 
I am so happy we got a chance to meet up with Sarah and Josh again, even though we're going to see them in a few weeks! They really are two of my favorite people!
Sarah and Josh headed to the Butterfly room, and Danielle, Chris, Doug and I made our way through dinosaurs and oceans. {The locals, Danielle and Andrew, headed home after the Holocaust museum.} The natural history museum is HUGE and free and awesome. I could spend days in there.
We wandered around DC for a short time headed towards the metro and back to Danielle's house to pack up our stuff and head to Danielle and Chris's house in Virginia. I know it's really confusing talking about two Danielle's, but I've been used to it for ages, since both of them are some of my oldest blog - turned real life - friends.  
It was such a fun weekend. I wish we could have spent a week in just DC and I wish I would have taken more photos. There's never enough. We headed to Virginia for a few days to stay with Danielle and Chris after this, and I'll share that later!

And of course, how could I blog about Washington DC and not share with you one of my favorite Magnetic Fields Song. I have maybe 20 favorite Magnetic Fields songs, so just take that statement with a grain of salt. BUT, it's an awesome song! Enjoy!
Have you been to DC? What's you favorite thing to do there? I can't wait to go back in November and spend a few extra days there!



  1. I didn't get a chance to visit the Holocaust Museum when I went to DC - it wasn't built yet - that's probably why. Of course,I visited DC in 1995,though. ;) Oh,by the way,that song is AWESOME! I might have to check into their other stuff now,thanks. :P And my favorite thing in DC is a toss between the Lincoln Memorial and the White House.

    1. 69 love songs is my favorite, it's 3 discs with 69 love songs that are not really love songs. Pretty wonderful.

  2. i've only been there once, in 8th grade on a school trip and i remember more about the drama on the bus than anything we saw. i really want to go back!

  3. I totally ordered that same mountain sweater, I think I found it on your blog here and immediately bought one for myself. Woo!!

    1. It's Doug's, but I stole it! :) He stole mine too so its okay.

  4. You should hit up the International Spy Museum when you go back! I posted about my boyfriend and my DC trip a few weeks ago and that was one of my favorite parts of it.

    1. that sounds awesome. I'm going to go check it out! i have gotten so behind on my blog reading!

  5. just found your blog and i fell in love with your hair :D
    i'm a new follower from germany!

    1. Hi there! My hair is back to blonde, but thanks for the sweet comment. I appreciate it!!

  6. I LOVE DC!! From the pictures you took, looks like you had a ton of fun. :)

  7. i woke up this morning and guess what? YOU'RE STILL GONE. i hate it. i didn't think i could love you more than before, but now i do, and that's why i miss you so much! the october countdown has already begun...