Friday, September 14, 2012

Stocking Up

Our trip has been non-stop. It took us ages to get out of Chicago (we ended up staying an extra night, we were so tired!) and once on the road, we only made it about 4 hours until we hit a brick wall of sleepiness! We found a cheap hotel in Ohio, slept it off and drove the seemingly endless drive to Troy, New York. I may or may not have gotten us lost 2 hours out of the way. We may or may not have shown up at Crystal and Mike's house at 11:30pm. We definitely kept them up until at least 4am. Their animals are the best, they are the best. Another blogger friendship turned real friendship that bums me out we live so far away from each other! We crashed out on their futon and woke up a few short hours later to get back on the road. 
We got to our friends house in Pittsfield, Mass around 9am.Immediately got a tour of the Blue Q headquarters and warehouse! What a treat! Blue Q is this amazing company based out of Pittsfield. I wish I would have taken more photos but I was so excited about the tour, I completely forgot. I'm a terrible blogger. Anyways, Blue Q makes super rad products and being able to see behind the scenes made me love them even more! 
After Blue Q, we headed downtown to The Lantern for lunch, and then an epic nap on our friend's couch. Carrie surprised us with coffees at 4:40, and we headed to a new friends work studio to talk shop, so to speak. His work shop is so rad and I am glad he let me take photos. I was feeling so burned out after Chicago, that I barely took an photos of our trip. I've just slept a lot in the van, and gave poor directions. But, I did remember to take lots of photos of Peter's shop and of the incredibly kind trade he made with us! Look at all that veneer!!!
And just a little view of our drive from Pittsfield, Mass to Providence, Rhode Island.
We're in Rhode Island today, and heading to DC to see some of my favorite people on the planet!

More on our awesome whale watch later. 



  1. You can arrive at my house at 11:30pm and keep us up til 4:00am ANY night, and I swear I would never EVER complain about it!

  2. It's weird to see Green Mountain Coffee outside of Vermont! Or were you in Vermont? Beautiful photo of Rhode Island. Isn't New England the prettiest? ...I might have a biased opinion on that ;)

  3. It sounds like your trip is going pretty wonderfully (minus the lack of sleep)! It's always super awesome getting to see friends who don't live all that close to you! Safe travels!

  4. oh man, i'm so jealous of your blue q tour! i love their stuff. i have a bunch of it.

  5. Your friend's workshop looks amazing! Scott would go crazy in there! Hope you have THE best time tomorrow with Sarah and Josh! I wish Scott and I could be with you guys! <33

  6. Oh man, it made my heart flutter/ache a little bit that you guys were in Pittsfield, my grandparents lived close to there so I used to go all the time! Is it not crazy gorgeous around there? The trees, uggghhhh.