Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Brass Lion

Doug has taken to knife making like a fly to honey. It's been really fun watching him make newer and different knives over the past 6 months and since most of them get sent away as gifts, I realized I need to start taking more photos of them. This one in particular has stolen my heart. It's made from antler, and capped with a vintage brass lion charm. A looker for sure, and so tiny!
I love finding time for extra fun projects. We are doing everything we can to make sure we leave some time for life to happen. Isn't that how the best moments are born? 

Nothing really new happening in this part of the woods. We woke up early this morning, visited our friend Maggie at her yard sale, dropped by an estate sale and then looked at a house. It's funny, taking a tour of a house for sale made us realize how much we don't want to buy a house. It was a dream house, two story, pool, tiered yard, 3 port garage built in the 30s in our neighborhood. I would love to live in it, but I certainly wouldn't want to own it. I think that should be okay; not owning a home. I just don't think it's for us. 

Doug built a fence for the dogs yesterday, and we finally installed a dog door. We towed over a boat we're working on for some friends and Doug's sister Audrey is here helping us with work. I feel extra busy right now, working almost non-stop. Today was kind of a nice break.

I'm-a get back to it. Hope your Sunday is fun and nice. 


  1. i love it! he should sell them i would for sure buy one lol

    1. were trying to build a collection before we list in to sell! :)

  2. I had a professor once who made knives, beautiful beautiful knives. I am excited to see how Dougs come along in the future.

  3. SO FREAKING COOL. I showed Keith photos of some knives that Doug made (I think they were on instagram? I can't remember) & he wants one. Or a few, haha.

    1. we should make more for our shop!

    2. I'm not even "a knife person" and I want one!!

  4. These are awesome. you guys inspire me.