Monday, June 18, 2012

Velo Coffee Roasters - Good For Your Coffee Lovin' Soul

I love buying coffee for my Dad. Every time I go on a trip or for his birthday, i try to find him a new coffee to try. He loves coffee, and he loves special, thoughtful gifts, so a few weeks ago I started looking for independent roaster companies to buy him a special bag of coffee. I then remembered that our friend Zach had told us about a local roaster that delivers all their coffee on bicycles and was located right downtown Chattanooga. 
My Dad is an avid cyclist and I love buying local, so this seemed perfect. Enter Velo. I found them online, bought a few bags and Doug and I took a little trip downtown to pick them up. I couldn't help but get a bag for us too. I am so glad that I did.
I love this coffee. We got the Colombian coffee and it not only smelled amazing (like raisins, for some reason, in a good way) but it's really strong and rich. My kind of coffee.
The owner of Velo, Andrew, is super nice and I think we stayed and chatted with him for a good half hour which is always nice. I guess that's the best part of supporting small business is that you get to meet the people behind it and know who you are supporting. Not that I don't love our barista at Starbucks, because I do, she's so sweet, but this is so much more meaningful.

You don't have to be in Chattanooga to get Velo coffee. They ship all over the country. I'm glad I got a bag for us, and my Dad loves it too. If you're looking for a new coffee to try, give this a shot! You'll love it, and feel good drinking it knowing you're supporting small independently owned business!!

Do you have a favorite coffee roaster? We're always looking for different coffees to try. Have you tried Velo? Let me know in the comments what you thought! :)



  1. Yes, I love coffee! I'm going to need to try some of this stuff!

  2. Yum you just made columbian coffee sound decadent and like pure bliss. I'll have to try Velo out the next time I'm in Chattanooga. Yum-o

    1. yes! we should get coffee together!

  3. I love these photos, and the coffee sounds amazing! There has to be something like this in England... X

    1. maybe they ship overseas! you should check their website!

  4. New Harvest Coffee of Pawtucket, RI! The "Mystic Ridge Blend" was our house coffee at the taqueria that I worked at and I had it every morning for 3 years. I currently am working through a bag of the "Cycledrome" and the "Devlin's Cardigan" is named after my bro and long-time employee, Devlin and his rad grampa style.