Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Lunch Date

It's summer here in Chattanooga now. We are lucky enough (really, pure luck, because we didn't expect it) to have a central heat and air in our house. We also live in the woods, and have total tree coverage. It's like a little cave of trees that keeps the heat out. However, when we drive into town, it's like opening a bread proofer - hot and damp. I love summer and I love southern summers. I like wearing tee shirts and shorts, going barefoot and drinking cold cokes. 
It's been really hard to treat summer like summer this year because we are cooped up in the house so much working. We have been working 18 hour days in the workshop these past few days, going to sleep around 4, waking up around 8 to start all over again. Today after my run to the post office and a face full of tears, we decided to change out of our work clothes and get out of the house for a little lunch date and an errand run.
We went to Sluggos for lunch and I love the food there. Mostly because I love a big salad, and since I'm not a fan of any of the other sides, I just get double salad. So good. I also got pesto Portabello quesadilla, and let me tell you about incredible. I could eat this every single day. 
popeye bowl
Doug got the popeye bowl. How apropos. It was so nice to not talk about work, and just enjoy each others company. I won't lie, we have been at each others throats recently. We spend so much time working together, and when we're not working, we're burnt out. Doug is my best friend. I love the shit out of him and can't imagine a sweeter life, but even the sweetest of lives can be laced with unnecessary obstacles. We need afternoons like this to power through the busy and remember how much we love each other.  
It's getting late and I have a lot of work to get done tonight to prep for tomorrow. I'm really excited, we're having brunch with my friend Sarah and her husband tomorrow morning! I love meeting blogger friends! Also, if I get motivated, I'll do a photo an hour tomorrow...maybe....
Hope you're having a great weekend!



  1. My boyfriend and I are moving up to Chattanooga in a month. Well, Hixson for a few months, then hopefully to the Northshore. We are really excited. :] Sluggos is by far the best eats in my mind so far.

    Do you partake in the vegan/vege lifestyle as well?

    - Amy

    1. Were not vegetarians, but I like Sluggos, and vegan food regardless.
      Maybe well see you when you move here!

  2. You guys should make sure you get a chance to do that once a week. Just take a break, go out for lunch or a picnic or something & just hang out. You totally deserve it. And if you lose an hour or so of work, that's okay. Don't stress about it. Because it's no good to be all burned out. You two are incredibly hard workers & you deserve a break every once in a while. Even if it's just for an hour or so to just re-charge and relax and enjoy each other.

    Also, your lunch sounds delicious. Oh man. & where your house is located sounds amazing. Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  3. i love this! i know you get so stressed with all of the work you have lined up, but you know that so many people would love to trade places with you right now and be able to say their handmade business is so successful! you guys have exploded and i think it's AMAZING! also, it should be a rule that doug can only eat spinach or dishes with popeye in the name when he wears that striped shirt! that's awesome!

  4. mmmm i've been craving sluggos lately! that really was a good side salad. i like the beans too.
    sometimes there can be too much togetherness. for a while we lived an hour from work, and to help us out they gave us the same shifts so we could ride together, then we worked all day together, then home together. i had to start requesting at least one seperate day off because no matter how much you love someone, being together that much can lead to nothing but fights.

  5. What a lovely blog you have here :] So glad I stumbled across it! I love your style & your photos are so very beautiful. May I ask what type of lens that is? f/1.4? Those salads look fantastic!