Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hey Aussies and Hombres.

Now I can finally announce that we will be hosting an exclusive pop-up shop on bamarang.com.au for all you out of towners on June 15th, this friday!. The ombres will finally be released at a super amazing introductory price. Once they hit our shop, they will be full price, so get them before they sell out on bamarang. You can sign up here.


  1. pretty pretty. jealous of all you aussies ;)

  2. hehehe. so happy i have a friend down under... got mine ordered! now i just have to practice patience as i wait for my ombre beauties!

    1. yes!! wish I could ship them to you myself, but they get shipped from the bamarang warehouse in AUS. :(

  3. I am stopping by from Maie Dae's blog and I just wanted to pop by and say how crazy talented you are!! I lovelovelove the watercolor drawing you did for her + her husband (along with the beautiful drawing you did for Katie of Skunboy). They are so amazingly beautiful!! ...Just wanted to let you know! :)