Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Adventures of Memow Part One : 7 weeks old

I figured it's time to introduce the kitten we decided to keep. Of course, we would have kept all of them, and for a moment, we thought we would. But we have two people coming to stay with us in July, one has a dog, and we will be working like mad, and thought it would be best to find the two littles a home. If you remember, I WAS going to keep the little girl. She was the cutest kitten I have ever seen. But, after a few days, I became incredibly attached to the biggest kitten. He started sleeping on my lap, playing, following me around EVERYWHERE where as the other two just did their own thing and hissed at me a lot....It just goes to show that you cant judge a book by its cover and the biggest kitten certainly isnt as unique looking as his two siblings, but he had the best personality and that is what won me over. So, this is memow. 
I never in my whole life thought I would love a kitten this much. But I do. He's funny and sweet and so loving. He drinks water with Ollie, bats at Charlie to play with him, runs down the hallway 100 times a day (we have a shotgun house, and the hallway is super long.) Doug loves him, they take naps together and we have pretty much given our hearts to memow. We did find an awesome home for the two siblings, and the new owner keeps texting me photos and updates on the kittens, which makes me feel great.

Our big cat isn;t super hyped on the kitten, but he is not being mean, he just likes the kitten to know who is boss. Mookyo is boss. Over all of us. 

And if you want to know where the name memow came from, here is the adventure time episode where we first heard it.

So, welcome to the newest adventures of Memow. I'm sure I will post way too much about him, and yall will think I've done lost my mind, but don't worry too much. I'm still a dog mom, and my boys know how much they're loved. I love them even more when they are cuddling with a kitten. I mean, really! Right!


ps, all of the photos in this post were taken by Doug. :)


  1. love him! so cute!! i love kittens and i've tried so many times to bring new kittens into my house, but my cat is a princess and refuses to play nice. it's sad! all i want to do is be a cat lady and she wont let me. good thing she's a great cat, otherwise i just don't know!!

  2. Congrats! He's pretty cute. And congrats to him - looks like he found a great home.

  3. Great update :) He is such a cute guy!

  4. He's ridiculously cute. I'm glad that y'all kept him. Our adult kitties don't like our new kitten either and several times a day, they let us know that they are mad that they didn't get a vote.

  5. I freaking love Adventure Time. :)

  6. I love Memow!! Such a cute guy.
    I am so in love with my cat it's unreal! Haha.

    I just listened to a podcast about shotgun houses the other day! It's one of the stuff you should know ones - quite a recent one. If you haven't listened to it check it out! It was dead interesting - obviously we don't have shotgun houses over here and the history of them is fascinating!


  7. That is so awesome that you named him after someone on Adventure Time. He looks absolutely precious!! :)

  8. i can't get enough of any of your animals, permanent and temporary. and i love the second photo of him sleeping with his little cat arm hanging out!!

  9. I moved in with my best friend and she has four cats and I never anticipated myself turning into a cat person but here I am- A Cat Person. She has one named Stella, who I am absolutely smitten over. I want a kitten for my own so badly.

    That first pic up there- Totally a Me-Mow. I can't get enough of Adventure Time!

    Enjoy your new little bundle of awesome!