Monday, May 28, 2012

Chattanooga Cupcakes

Yesterday, when we took a break from work, we finally stopped into Chattanooga Cupcakes. Every time we drive past it, I want to stop, but they always seem closed, or look closed, I don't know, but this time, I checked in advance to make sure they were open so we could stop in. I am really in love with the way it looks from the outside. The perfect peach/turquoise match up and a cute sign too! Can my house be this color, please? I'm not even super into pink, it's just really rad!
Doug got the most extreme chocolate cupcake he could find and I got a black and white. For all of the cupcakes I have eaten, in a million different places, I have to say, these were pretty good cupcakes, nothing fancy, just simple, good cupcakes. There was so much butter cream, it was a little overwhelming, but if you're a frosting fanatic, this would be the place to go. There is more frosting that cake. Easily. Doug LOVED his chocolate cupcake. 
The atmosphere was super sweet, the girls at the counter were nice and for the amount of cupcake you get, the price is good. We paid something like $10 for two cupcakes, a milk, and a sprite. 
I'm stoked we found a cupcake place in town, because ever so often, I don't feel like baking and we get the urge to get out of the house and get some sweets. Doug's a chocoloholic, too, so it't kind of necessary. If you're in the area, check out Chattanooga Cupcakes. I'm pretty sure you won't be bummed out.

What's your favorite cucpake bakery? If it's close enough to me, you know I'll find a way to try it out! 



  1. Is that the one that has the cupcake sundae? We saw that advertised in the window of a super cute cupcake shop there a couple of weeks back but can't remember if it was this one.

    1. I didnt see a cupcake sundae, but maybe... :)

  2. Oh man, SO much icing! I'm not really a fan of icing, but it does look good... haha!