Sunday, April 15, 2012

Three Things I Learned in Film School

1. Watch powerful, heart wrenching documentaries that make you thankful for being alive.
2. Be thankful for new TV shows to fall in love with. And don't be ashamed to love a TV show.

3. Never, I repeat, NEVER take life (or movies) too seriously. Thanks for that lesson, Joss Whedon.

You can take the girl out of film school, but you can't take the film school out of the girl. It's no secret that I love movies and TV. I think they are such a crucial part of our society, in so many incredible ways. Whether it means seeing a story that isn't easy to see, or losing yourself in a world created by a 30 minute TV show, or just plain taking 2.5 hours to have a good time and laugh/scream/yell in a big dark theater with a bunch of strangers. It's valuable and it's meaningful. It is also a productivity sucker and escape-mobile, but if we balance it all out, we'll gain so much from the magic that is media. 

If you don't know, I have my BFA in film production, my AA in creative screenwriting, and I taught media art and film production for several years, while in college and there after. Mostly to angsty middle schoolers, the best breed of child. I plan on writing more about it on the space, so if there is anything you want to read/see let me know. I guess that means time for more vloooogs, dontcha think? So this is my introduction to a new minor-focus on this space. I don't review movies or shows, I don't think anyone really wants to know why I thing. But I do want to share more of the things I love, and media-related content. 



  1. i watched "tiny furnitures" not long ago and im really looking forward to see "girls"..i dont know when i will be able to see tho as im in europe...
    I love going to the cinema..i used to go a lot ( on my own or with friends) when i lived in london...Im living in Milan now and its quite hard to find movies in their original version at the cinema.. ahhhh and i love movies and tvshows.. i always get very excited to discover new movies or series...:)
    Ohlalala you got all my admiration to have studied and taught all these things!!i cant wait for you to speak about it more!!!!really! if we were in a conference room ,i will be probably sitting at the front row listening to you hahah okay i stop here before i start to sound like a weird stalker or something hahaha

  2. Love this idea! I also am a huge movie and tv lover, and Joss Whedon, well, he is a genius.

    Can't wait to read more:)

    Stephanie May*