Friday, March 30, 2012

What I Wore // Black, White and Yellow on Lookout Mountain

Remember when I told you I didn't want to do these anymore, well, I lied. Okay, that's harsh, I didn't lie, I just didn't want to feel pressured to look a certain way so I could take photos to fit into some circle of fashion bloggers, or whatever.

I love this outfit though. Like, I love the hell out of it and wear it all the time, so Doug snapped some photos of me while we were exploring a part of Lookout Mountain that we may or may not have been allowed to be exploring...
Doug's niece is visiting this weekend and we took a half day to go to the Aquarium {LOVE} and then drove up the mountain behind our house through the fog and looked over the city. I feel so lucky to live on a mountain and be so close to so many amazing natural wonders.
{Dress: Thrifted for $2 originally Apostrophe //Sweater: Ross, I think // Leggins: F21 // Boots: Target // Hair Bow: The Dainty Woods}


  1. i don't know why, but so many posts from blogs i follow don't show up in bloglovin', so now i need to get caught up on yours!

    anyway, THERE ARE MORE PICTURES!!! YAY!!! i love the one of you on facebook, so i was so excited to see that there was a whole post! yeah, i get what you mean, it's no fun to feel pressured to take pictures of your outfit, because then you feel pressured to dress a certain way. but you look great like you always do!

  2. Cute hairbow! Looks great with that braid and the striped sweater<3

    1. Thanks Tori! It's my favorite bow!

  3. wow, these are great photography! you look really cute. don't feel pressured to look a certain way. being yourself is what's important. :D

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  4. This hair bow rules. Every time I see someone with hair accessories I make a solemn promise to myself to put more stuff in my hairs.

    I hear you - I think there is some kind of assumption that if you're posting outfit pictures on a blog, the goal is to fall into a particular wanna-be professional style blogger category. But sometimes it can just be for fun or documentation or you know, anything else besides assimilation and money? Good on you for saying it.