Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gold Luster, Turquoise and Sapele

We can't help ourselves, we love stones and rocks, almost as much as we love wood and veneer. And after the incredible response we got from the first pair, and listening to feedback, we decided to make the wayfarers with a black frame. Doug also used a beautiful gold luster to fill in the cracks and give them a bit of sparkle. They really do shimmer just enough to make you feel fancy.
The Sapele {suh-pee-leh} is a softer veneer than mahogany and has a bit of shimmer to it too. We thought we should just go all out with these and make them as unique and stand alone as possible! I think it worked!
We're so proud of these, and can't wait to make more! It's so crazy to think that the possibilities are endless when it comes to what we do. Wood, stone, snakeskin, who knows whats next! Hope you love them too!

Happy Tuesday!

Beca & Doug


  1. hot damn! i'm obsessed with you guys. and your glasses. and your shop. i'm going to start stalking you.

  2. Just when I thought you guys couldn't get any better, cooler or awesomer...you DID!

  3. these are super cool! as soon as i get some $$ i think i might order a pair :)

  4. Oh wow. I want these so bad, they're beautiful!

    1. thanks rachel! I know it's hard for me to not keep them for myself!

  5. you guys just keep outdoing yourself! These are truly stunning!

  6. The sunglass has a royal touch and look stylish.

  7. these are ridiculous! i love them so so much!