Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fishing Boats and Sore Throats

We went fishing this afternoon for a few hours. I was really stoked because although it seems like I live this crazy, weird life, I've never been fishing. And I have only been on a boat a handful of times. Doug loves fishing, and boating, and all of the above, so I was pretty excited about this afternoon.
Unfortunately, as soon as we got out on the water, my throat started killing me. It had been kind of itchy this morning, but full on impending cold sore throat has begun and I am not happy about it. Not one bit. I still managed to have a lot of fun, but now it's after 11pm, and I need to get some rest and try to sleep off this cold. I DONT need to be sick right now!
Also, guess what's now available in our shop? That's right my friends, Lolita Heart Shaped Tulip Wood sunglasses! Oh yes! Yes!!! They are here!
Happy Sunday, and don't forget to set your clocks, it's daylight savings time!



  1. At the risk of sounding ridiculous - your life sounds weird, crazy, but also enviably wholesome and fun (those words don't really connote what I mean, but I guess all I'm saying is all your activities sure sound fun and I'd like to be on a boat right now).

    Also - just. Wow. I want those Lolita glasses!

    1. our life is weird and crazy. I know it is, but you're right, it is fun!

  2. I've only been on a boat once or twice, which is so weird because I live right on the water! I hope you start feeling better!
    But you are KILLING ME with all your adorable sunglasses. Stop it!
    xo Heather

    1. thanks Heather! You should try to get on a boat more, it's such a good mini-escape!

  3. sounds like somebody needs some fisherman's friend. ;)
    feel better!
    oh and those lolita heart glasses? i die!

    1. thank you.
      I used to eat fishermans friends like crazy because I was ALWAYS sick. now the taste of them makes me sicker. strange, I know. I'm on ricolas like an addict though...

  4. I love that photo of you smiling...what a gorgeous gal you are.

    Fishing is one of my favourite things to do! My dad's a fisherman (not as a job...just as a hobby) so I've grown up fishing and I love it. I was ice fishing this winter too and where it was fun, there's nothing like fishing on a boat in the summer time.

    PS: Those shades are amazing...and as of right now, I am stopping my procrastination and buying me and the boy (as a surprise!) a pair of Tumbleweeds...not missing out on the sale! Now...which pair...

    1. Aw, Carly, just got your order! Stoked! Thank you, we appreciate you so much!

  5. First off, I almost fainted at the site of those beautiful sunglasses! Second off, I miss you immensely & getting your card in the mail just intensified that. Pine! I'm so glad you got to go fishing! I really just love being out on a boat more than anything. Whether it's in a lake, a canoe, going to Catalina or Mexico...I just love being on a boat. ;) I hope you had a blast & that your sickies get kicked. ♥

  6. First of all, why didn't I know that Doug loved to fish? Philip LOVES it- I mean like obsessed loves it. (If he could do that all day everyday for the rest of his life, he would.) Second of all, why didn't the four of us have a fishing day together when you were here? Man oh man, we missed out on a fun day! We're still heading out to Florida next year (and other southern places) and plan on visiting you guys, so maybe then :)