Friday, March 9, 2012

Cateyes are BACK!

We have been working furiously into the night on orders, and also making new styles for the shop. It's a strange balance, but we thankfully got an order for 6 new cateyes styles which gave up a great opportunity to try these out in the shop as well. Here are a few new cateye styles in the shop now!
Keep an eye out for some more new styles as the week goes on. We're also moving this week and can't wait to be in our new house! Because we had a death in the family, and have been wrangling kids all week, we pushed back our moving date so we could get more orders filled before the big move. We'll be in Tennessee next Saturday for good! Hooray!

Also, for this week only you can use the coupon code MOVINGSALE for a 25% discount! Start shopping!