Thursday, February 2, 2012

Seven Days of Soup // Day Two // Sweet Potato

Today is day two of my seven days of soup project, you can check out day one here. I didn't have many plans for this soup, all I knew was that I wanted it to have sweet potato in it. Doug also requested some kind of meat. I took a peek at a few recipes online, but none of them really appealed to me so I just made it up as I went along. I spent $8.62 at the store for three sweet potatoes, a package of Georgia Boy Smoked Sausage, celery and carrots. I had cream, chicken stock, apples, brown rice and cinnamon at home.
I sauteed some garlic over butter, added about 2 cups of chicken stock, 2 cups of water (which may have been a little too much) and 3 cups of carrot, sweet potato and celery puree (with cream). I let that simmer for a minute while I chopped up sweet potatoes, celery, apples, and carrots. I threw those in the pot and let it cook for a good 45 minutes. I threw the sliced sausage in a frying pan with chopped apples and cinnamon, cooked it until it browned, and put that in the pot too. Lastly, i added brown rice and let is cook for another 10 minutes.
I can honestly say that this is the best soup I have ever had, in my whole life. I am about to go grab another bowl since I ate the first one so fast I burned my mouth. Also, I don't know if you can see my new pretty tea towel that I got as a Christmas gift from my sweet friend Danielle. She knows me and my love for dogs a little too well. I will probably end up being one of those old ladies with a million dog figurines around the house. Much to Doug's dismay, I'm sure. ;)

I got a new book today, The Tie That Binds by Kent Haruf and I am excited to take a break from work to start it. I'm not going to do any more book reviews though. That last post stressed me out, and I don't think anyone is all that interested in hearing my opinion on books any how. That's fine with me, I'll stick to what I think I'm best at blogging about - cake, dogs, sunglasses and swamp adventures. Also, I keep trying to do outfit posts but it just isn't going to happen. I hated doing them in the past, and I'm just not a fashion blogger. That's that.

Hope yall had an excellent Thursday. I have to wake up super early to pick up the puppy for a weekend puppy-sitting adventure and I still have a full nights work ahead of me.



  1. omg. must.make.vegetarian version of this!!! alfjkhga. and you don't have to do an outfit post all the time but um i like seeing your outfits! also, please sell knives. k, thanks. xoxo

    1. yes yes yes! make the vegan version and link up, i would love to see it!!

  2. oh my word, this looks so delicious! I need to stop reading food-related blog posts when I'm starving. Not. A good. Idea.

    on the plus side, you've inspired me to try to make this!