Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Orange Herb Baked Chicken

I am going to just come right out and say it, I am NOT a good cook. I have stated this before, and everyone laughs at me, but it's true. I can bake a cake in my sleep, decorate it with my eyes gouged out, all while stirring caramel and piping mousse. Just kidding, but really, traditional meals escape me. I cried and cried on Valentines day because I wanted to make heart shaped pancakes and sausage and grits for breakfast for dinner, and I just messed up everything! Thankfully Doug took over and it was perfect, but you get the picture.

So today, I got a wild hair. We rode bikes to the corner store and I asked Doug what he wanted for supper. He said chicken and rice. I got some chicken thighs, rice and fixins. And then total panic set in. What the hell do I do with it!? I guess some kind of baked chicken would be good. The last time I made chicken it was a whole baked chicken, and it was pretty good, but I had help from the sis. The time before that was fried chicken and waffles and the chicken was terribly undercooked. Anyways, I found arecipe for lemon chicken that looked good, but I don't have lemons, and Doug doesn't like lemon, so I opted for orange and basil. Topped with orange infused bread crumbs (doesn't anything infused sound awesome?) with rice and topped with a zesty peppery orange sauce.
I am not boastful, and if it sucked, I would say so. But hot damn, this chicken was so good! I am so proud of myself for not burning it or under cooking it. It was white and baked through. The flavors all came together and life is good. Until your 80+ pound bulldog jumps on the counter and eats two entire chicken thighs, bones and all. I don't blame him though, it smelled like we up and moved to heaven for an hour.

We have been working all day, and are about to pull an all nighter. we have about 20 pairs of sunglasses we have to get in the mail tomorrow, so we're cutting it close. I also started packing a little today, taking things off the wall, and boxing up the knicknacks. We're going to Tennessee this weekend to look at our new house (cross your fingers) and visit friends.

Hope you have a good leap day! Happy Wednesday!



  1. Yummm, this totally made my mouth water! That is too funny about your dog! Hahaha - I can just imagine:)

    Stephanie May*