Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Than You Bargained For

Buying handmade isn't just about buying a product. If that was the case, why bother, just get it at Target and be done with it. Buying handmade is more than supporting small businesses. You buy memories when you buy handmade. I once had a customer who bought a pair of Birds Eye Maple sunglasses from us for her Dad for Christmas. He used to be a Birds Eye maple dealer, and she remembered it being in her life, and knew her dad would love them.

I live for moments like that. I also love buying handmade. I am much more patient with turnaround time because I know I am buying something from a person, not a factory. I am more careful with what I receive. I cherish it more. Whether I have the item for a month, a year or just the in between moments before I gift it, I remember that somebody made this and I love it even more.

We have learned so much this past year. That having a business that grows A L O T in a very short time period will experience a lot of happy customers, and a few not so happy ones. You will put your heart and soul into what you make. You will experience lulls, and you will experience swells. Sometimes you don't sleep for a week, and sometimes you cant seem to get motivated. BUT, at the end of the day, you made something and someone else gets to create memories with that something. And that is why we do what we do.
I recently bought this bar of soap on Etsy and when it came in the mail, it brought so many memories. When I was a teenager, I used to visit my Aunt in St. Petersburg in the summer. We would visit the Dali museum and then go shopping at this kitschy store where they sold chocolate soap. I'm not a big fan of eating chocolate, but I love the way it smells and I love smelling like chocolate. I love when a product brings more than what you pay for; memories. Those summer visits to St. Pete are some of my favorite memories.
My Mom and I don't talk often, but I miss her terribly. One of the things I will always associate with her is my nesting dolls. I had a set as a kid, and at Christmas time, my mom would put a $20 bill in the smallest one. It's a good memory. My Mom and I haven't always been at odds, but sometimes life happens and everyone makes a choice. Sometimes we choose to ignore the obvious, and sometimes we don't speak up when we should. It's a shame. Handmade nesting dolls would be a great gift to create good memories with.
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I want nothing more than to be domesticated. When I see an apron, the possibilities are endless. I want to be neat and organized and cook fantastic meals and have an eat-off-the-floor clean house. I want to have a functioning washer and dryer, pay bills on time and be overall responsible and still run a business. I want to wear an apron, and not get paid for it.
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I hate wearing shoes. Kind of in a hillbilly way. I could go my entire life without wearing shoes, and not be bothered. But, since I live in modern times, although not in a modern place, I substitute bare feet for a collection of worn moccasins, slip-on Vans and my black rain boots. I have always been this way. I will wear my shoes into the ground before I give in and buy a new pair. I love shoes, I just hate wearing them.
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I was born in Decatur, Georgia. I am southern. I may have lost my accent while living temporarily in the west, but I'm not a Yankee. I believe in hard work, being kind and being truthful. I know that it has gotten me in trouble, saying exactly what I feel, but I never intend to be ugly to anyone, I only have good intentions. That being said. We should all focus on being positive and kind this year, and maybe I need to hold my tongue sometimes, maybe we all do.
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My Dad does archery. He used to take me with him when I was younger. Although my favorite part was retrieving the arrows them, I love every aspect of it now. One of my goals for 2012, as soon as we have our house set up, is to set up an archery target and practice more. It's such an amazing release.

Why do you buy handmade? Do you create memories, or relive them. I would love to hear about something you bought that brought back memories or reminded you of some life lesson!?



  1. This post was an absolute pleasure - I have the same sentiments about buying handmade, and over the past year or so I've become such an etsy junkie. I buy handmade jewelry, mostly (recently, a raw garnet necklace, since garnet is my birth stone). I bought my mother a handmade screenprinted dishcloth with a quote from Pride & Prejudice on it (her love of literature inspired my own obsession with books).

    1. what great stories! And memories that you can create with your handmade purchases! Thanks for sharing! xo!

  2. I love all things handmade (I'm an etsy addict) and I adore this post! I'm a little crazy about buying handmade soaps (and was super excited when u mentioned St. Pete, I live by there, and was just at the new Dali museum (opened up last year) today practicing to be a docent!)
    I love the arrow bracelet!
    xo Heather

    1. maybe well see you in a few weeks then since were heading that way! xo.