Friday, February 3, 2012

Homemade Apple Butter

Sorry folks, no soup today. I'm not going to lie, today was our day off (and by day, I really do mean day, since we're working a full night) and I just didn't feel like making soup. We had to go into town this morning at 7am to pick up the puppy for the weekend, and needed to get new tires, go grocery shopping, and run a few errands while there. "Town" is about 45-50 minutes away from where we live, so when we go into town, we really go into town and get all of our ish done.
So in lieu of today's soup, which would have been cream of broccoli, I want to share with you one of my favorite things in the entire world. Apple Butter. I think apple butter is the best comfort food spread ever. Of course, you can buy apple butter in most grocery stores, but really, that $3.75 can be spent on a bag of red apples instead. Just add in a few cups of sugar (or sweetener) and cinnamon to your liking, and bam! Cheap alternative to other butters for your toast or muffin.

Here's the deets. 6-7 apples, sliced and de-seeded. Leave the middles out, of course, that wouldn't taste all that great. Throw those apples in a slow-cooker / crock-pot with a cup of sugar, a cup of water and let them cook on high for about 12 hours. Make sure you stir them every few hours so they don't stick or dry out.

Your apples should be browned and cooked through at this point, so for the next 4 hours, cook them on low/warm adding sugar and cinnamon to taste. At 16 hours, toss those cooked babies into the food processor and puree the heck out of them! You can jar it and keep in on the shelf, or put it in the fridge and enjoy it for a week or so.
I am getting back to answering the 10 million emails we got today. We are in the middle of some really interesting, to say the least, business negotiations and I am feeling all consumed by them. Happy Friday.



  1. I love homemade apple butter. I don't blend mine, because I like the chunks. :)

    1. I dont mind it chunky too. My granddad doesnt blend it, either.

  2. i like to make this and put red hots in with them. then the apple butter is bright red and kind of spicy!