Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tohono O'odham Swap Meet // Tucson

I knew that when we started making plans to move across country and would be going through Tucson that we had to make a stop at our favorite swap meet. The Tohono O'Odham swap meet is on West Drexel and Westover, on the south side of Tucson, and I kid you not, I have never left this place empty handed. EVER.

+ S W A P M E E T +


+ O U R F R I E N D S I D +

I am mostly happy about getting to visit with our friend Sid. He is a pretty incredible human being who I have missed more than most everyone in Tucson. We met Sid by being regulars to his little shop at the swap meet. He has all kinds of amazing treasures, jewelry making tools and oddities. For some reason, he took to us and we took to him. It was a weekly treat to visit Sid at his booth while we lived in Tucson.
This last visit, I picked out the incredible ring in the photo above. I can't remember what kind of stone it is, but it reminds me of a paint by number sunset and I love it. Sid also gave me a beautiful necklace his wife, Fawn, made in the 70s. Doug left with a silver and Turquoise ring that Sid made many years ago, and a jar full of Turquoise bits for marquetry. We got to visit with him and his daughter, and leave with treasures, as always. If you visit the Tohono O'Odham swap meet, be sure to find Sid's booth, it's the one with the school bus!

+ F O O D +

Our favorite lunch after the swap meet in Tucson is Guilin on Speedway and Country Club. It's healthy Chinese food, and just about everything on the menu can be made vegetarian or vegan. I always get Mongolian Beef, but you know, I am a creature of habit.

Hope you're enjoying the guest posts so far. There are still a few left. We are currently in a little hotel in Houston for the night. We are both itching to get back to work. So much to do! But don't worry, if you have a pending order, it will be in the mail early next week!



  1. That looks amazing! Glad you guys got to stop.

  2. i love this post! i'm always curious to see pictures of flea markets or thrift stores other places, especially when you can see what's there!

    and you know, carla's going to be really upset that she can't have that giant cat poster.

    hopefully there's a huge flea market or swap meet in tennessee so when i come to visit we can go!

  3. Man... I haven't been to the swap meet in years. I really need to get my ass down there again.

    And Guilin is one of my favs too! My best friend and I went for a girl date last month and their vegan options are delish! I think you can cure ailments with their hot and sour soup too.

  4. man i wish dc flea markets were like that!

  5. that looks like a great swap meet! and that FOOD! yum.

  6. Oh my gosh! Sid is just the cutest! If we have another boy I actually want to call him Sid :) Looks like such a rad trip....and that ring!!!!!!!
    Toni xo