Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SPRING 2012 COLLECTION // Sneak peek

+ S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 +
I know that it's vague, but here is our announcement for our 2012 spring collection. Let's just say we are focusing on the natural world. Dark woods and turquoise, women's shapes, more diverse styles and limited collections in a range of prices. You will see what you don't expect and there will be, of course, many of our most popular wood choices like mahogany and walnut with a breath of new life put in them.

I have included a button below for you to share. We are anticipating March 2nd as our release date, but that is subject to change. I can't wait to introduce a whole line of ready-to-ship items and not just sunglasses, although, of course, our wooden veneered sunglasses will be the focus.

Tales of a Tumbleweed


  1. yay spring collection! yay buttons! except it says the photo has been removed or deleted when i try to put it up :(

    1. fixed it, sorry, i messed up the html, like usual...haha.