Saturday, January 7, 2012

Our Day in Pensacola

+ B R E A K F A S T +
This morning, Doug and I woke up super early and took the boys for a good walk to the docks. They love Florida already and I do too. I've never been to Pensacola before, I am kind of in love. It was so heavy with fog this morning and it felt so nice to just hang out with the pups. Doug's Mom is severely allergic to dogs, so they can't stay in the house, and lord only knows those boys of ours are spoiled rotten, so you can imagine how sad they are to have to stay in the back room. They have been extra excited to go for walks.

Doug's stepdad wanted Krispy Kreme, so we took the car down to the corner store and got donuts for breakfast. Normally I would have eaten a few, but I only had one. I'm trying, friends, I am trying so damn hard. But I had my cup of coffee and one lemon donut and I felt good. I have been really good about entering in my meals into weight watchers, it helps there is an app. Please excuse my broken phone screen, I dropped it, AGAIN, and Doug hasn't had time to fix it yet.

+ J U N K I N G +
I never thought I would say this, but I am all junked out. I cant go thrifting again, even if somebody paid me. Doug's mom and cousin took us out, and boy, oh boy, they thrift like it's a sport, and I think we went to about 15 stores today. I left every single one of them with a bag of stuff. I am going to dedicate a post to it next week once we have internet set up in our house. I miss thrifting in the south, it's a whole new ball game. YAWL have no idea.

+L U N C H +
We ate lunch at The Oar House, which you can imagine made Doug and I giggle. Regardless of the name, it was really good. I had a crab cake burger and fries, which were perfect. After lunch we did a lot more thrifting, laughing and driving around Pensacola. Doug and I leave tomorrow morning for Steinhatchee and will finally be home, at least for a month or so. I can't wait to get settled and back to work. It has been so very nice spending time with Dougie's mom and family.

What does your weekend look like? If you blog about it, leave me a link, I would love to read about your adventures!



  1. this post makes me want to be at the end of that dock with coffee and dounut in hand hanging with my pup. it looks so beautiful.

  2. i love that you and doug are able to have fun and have a vacation; it seems like so much fun!

  3. Man!! I wish you could have come a littttle further south to good ole Tallahassee! Glad you enjoyed the FLA, looking forward to reading more about the new destination!

  4. I am REALLY loving these posts from the road. The photos are all amazing, and it sounds like you guys are having so much fun on your journey!

  5. what a great day. i love that first picture. i can't imagine what my dogs would do if we tried to be in another room of the house without them. so pitiful!
    i have never had a crab cake burger but that sounds incredible. i am now determined to eat one when we're in florida next month.

  6. Lovely post! It looks and sounds like you are having a great time! All that food made me hungry! :)

  7. great post! those thrifting photos reminded me of my short stay in Pennsylvania with my in-laws right before we headed to San Diego...they live in Penns Valley and there were so many awesome consignment shops and antique malls that we hit up. I really should've bought an extra suitcase for all the treasures I wanted to take with me, cause everything was cheaper there!

  8. you are just fucking phenomenal.

    in every way.
    glad to have you in my life lady.


  9. This place looks rad! And the pic of your pup (and the donuts) are the best! I feel for Doug's Ma, I am severely allergic to dogs as well. It sucks coz everyone in my Mr's fam has them. But I have to either put up with it, or stay outside, coz they refuse to put the dogs out. Lets just say, I hardly saw this Christmas just gone as my eyes were swollen shut :( The thrift shop looks amazing....I would have filled several bags I'm sure!
    Toni xo

  10. Did you yank that Pyrex pattern out of my dreams?!!

  11. Hee hee hee! That dog picture is so cute.

  12. I love that dish/platter!! Awesome!