Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gypsy Blood

This cross country moving adventure has been nothing short of amazing. Despite leaving San Diego with a slightly bad taste in my mouth, I have really good memories from the time we lived there, and no matter, when people move on and do other things, it can only be for the best. I am so thankful that Doug decided to move us south and so far, my goal to be more positive has been successful. I am really trying to avoid all of the negativity that can seep into our everyday lives and stay as positive and thankful every moment of everyday.

After we visited Tucson, we headed east and didn't really stop for more than an hour until Houston. Once there, we made the big decision to grab a hotel room and spoil ourselves for a night. This has been kind of a vacation, anyways. We worked up until the 24th, and I am itching to get back in the workshop. We have SO MUCH to do! Looks like Saturday morning we'll be able to get back to work and I am thankful for all of our customers being so understanding. WE LOVE YOU!

Alright, Back to Houston. I didn't really like Houston the first 10 minutes we were there, it reminded me of Phoenix, but as soon as we got away from all the concrete, I liked it a lot more. It's pretty and old. We stayed at the La Quinta, on the suggestion of my pal Danielle, since they are 100% pet friendly with no deposit or crazy contract. They didn't blink an eye when we came in with three dogs, and the rates were pretty affordable. We ordered a pizza and watched cable TV, and it felt so good to do nothing at all. Speaking of pizza, I joined Weight Watchers the day we left Arizona, which was kind of stupid to try to start WW on the third day of our road trip, but at least it was able to show me how horrible I ate on our trip. BUT, since we got into Pensacola, I have been doing really good!! I may keep up with the progress on here, if you're interested. We'll see.

After a very comfortable night in Houston, we woke up early and met up with Brandi and Kelly of Bueno Bueno for breakfast at a little cafe called Brasil. It was really good, and Kelly and Brandi just may be the sweetest, genuine girls ever! I'm glad we may the time to get the best waffles in the world with them!
{I can't for the life of me take a good goddamn photo, so just pretend I am as photogenic as those girls!}

The rest of the day was pretty monotonous. We drove through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida in one day, and it was kind of a blur. Most of the photos I shot were of the dogs being super cute. I have to say, not to brag or anything, but our animals have been exceptionally good during this trip and mostly sleep during the car ride. They get really excited when they get out of the van, and run like crazy, but besides that, no car sickness, no craziness. The only problem is that the cat peed on a few pieces of vintage clothes, but whatever, we'll just double wash them. Life with the cat, right?
We stopped in this little tiny town on the border of Texas and Louisiana at a crazy flea market. One of the sellers was sitting next to a big ol' box marked "CD;s" and he told Doug to take a peek in the box and see the CD's he had for sale. When Doug opened the box a big, giant fake snake jumped out at him. I have never seen Doug jump so high before.
We had a waffle for breakfast, and then at 10pm, found ourselves at a waffle house in Pascagoula, Mississippi where the employees smoked cigarettes at the back booth and gossiped about work related drama in deep southern drawls. It was wonderful. Can you tell how tired we were? Seriously exhausted.
We're now in Pensacola at Doug's Mom's house for the next day. Dougie is fast asleep and I am on my way. It has been a long, exhausting journey, but really friends, it has been the beginning of the most exciting adventure of my whole life. I couldn't be happier, and am looking forward to the rest of 2012. The last 5 days have taken the cake.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me and sticking around for 2012.



  1. yay!! glad your la quinta stay was good. such adorable photos!!! makes me miss our roadtrip. makes me want to roadtrip with you!! xoxo

  2. i always like seeing pictures of you, hottie. i'm so glad you got to meet up with brandi & kelly, and a little jealous, too! so glad you guys made it there with only a little cat pee to worry about. also, i love going to hole in the wall places where the employess sit and gossip - such great entertainment.

  3. oh my gosh, my dream is a road trip with the two of you.

  4. Beca and Doug. You guys are awesome and hillarious! As soon as yall left I got a lil sad. I was like "Damn. they don't live here." So glad you made time for us on your journey! Thank you! Thankyou! I'm excited for your new adventure. It's so cool that you guys work as a team. What a fun life! And your pets are adorable all color coded and such. And you are photogenic!! Even with your eyes closed. I love it!!!
    Your friends from TX

  5. B+D, you two... It was just awesome to get to meet y'all and take ya to one of our favorite spots for breakfast. From the second we all hugged, I felt like I already knew you. Good luck with all the moving around. We look forward to reading about your adventures in TN!


  6. Kelly! Brandi! I am so so glad we got to meet up with you! the high light of our drive through texas!!

  7. weight watchers is awesome. I did it in 2001 and lost 22 pounds in four months and felt really awesome. then i got a stupid traveling kiddy beauty pageant job and wasn't able to attend the meetings.
    you are killing me with the cute dog pictures!!