Monday, January 2, 2012

Guest Post // Danielle from Just About Anywhere Pt. 1

Hey everyone! This is Danielle/Dizzle from just about anywhere and I'm stoked that Beca asked me to guest post while she's travelling across the country (to move closer to meee!). The first thing I thought of was my own road trip with my mansy and our two cats in our 1985 Chevy Cavalier wagon from San Francisco to Washington D.C. It was my first but hopefully not last drive across the country and sooo much fun. I'm really excited to see the pictures Beca and Doug will have from their trip and wanted to share some of mine with y'all. This is the first half of our trip from S.F. to San Antonio. Hope you enjoy it!

We stopped in LA first to visit some family but have no pictures. I would like to say you should totally go play the old pinball machines at Choke moped shop if you're ever there.

From there we drove and ended up stopping in Needles, CA on the edge of California and Arizona. It was a super tiny town with abandoned motels and amusement parks.

needles ca motel

needles ca ferris wheel

Then headed to AZ because my mansy wanted me (and the cats) to see the Grand Canyon before we left the west coast.


It was the prettiest hole in the ground I've ever seen.

grand canyon

We stayed in Phoenix across the street from a jail and a strip club in a seedy motel where I had to prop the chair up against the door cos it didn't lock. Oh the life!

phoenix, our motel's neighbor

Uhh no offense to Phoenix but this "we buy gold" sign was the highlight of our trip.

phoenix, we buy gold

I slept through New Mexico and have no pictures unfortunately. My mansy says it was really pretty :(

Went down to El Paso where we found nice people, decent coffee and pretty architecture. Plus we got to see some SF painters up on freights!

destn outside el paso

Our cat, Shekwafae taking a peek at the scenery.

kwaefae wants loose

I think we plan on living here some day.

west tx

I kind of really loved driving through west Texas, totally different landscape from what I grew up on in D.C.! I want to drive through Texas again but next time in an El Camino blasting metal with a ciggarrette dangling from my mouth. Maybe a big hat too...

west tx

You may be asking why we went through Texas instead of straight across. We had to stop in San Antonio to visit my mansy's momma!! We stayed for four days, relaxing, doing touristy things like the River Walk and driving around a lot just looking at neighborhoods. We found great coffee i+ nice people in Elmos Park at a shop called Elmos Perk.

san antonio, riverwalk

We went to the Alamo but the inside wasn't open when we were there. Note the iced americano on the windowsill. Yeah, just so you know that is NOT okay!

san antonio, riverwalk

The dude in the middle is the one who informed us of that.

san antonio, alamo

Here's another place we want to live one day. I really love old abandoned buildings.

san antonio, old warehouse

And cute victorian houses.

san antonio, cute house

Driving across the US you see a lot of this


But only in Texas have I seen this!


Come back to see the second part!


  1. i've always wanted to do a cross-country roadtrip. seeing san antonio made me think of peewee herman!

  2. texas is awesome, despite my mother and her texas stereotypes :) @ danielle, i wish i had thought of peewee while in san antonio! you, me + beca = roadtrip someday? maybe after i get my drivers license haha.