Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Winner // Mustache on a Stick

A quick pop-in to announce the winner of the Mustache on a Stick! Congratulations Micaela! You squeezed your entry in at the last minute and you won!
I can't wait to see photos of you with your Mustache on a Stick!! Thanks everyone else for entering and be sure to checkout Movember's website, and of course, thanks to Shauna and Stephen for sponsoring this giveaway!

1 comment:

  1. OH MY LUCKY STARS!!! ;) i'm SOOO EXCITED to have won <3 i can't wait to pose with my "barber" stache ;) a huge thank you to Movember and to you for the chance.

    HURRAY!!! this def. made my day when i have to close tonight :( and game one of the World Series is on.

    ps. have i mentioned lately how much i miss you?! because i do!!! so much!