Monday, October 24, 2011

This and That

Since the holidays are quickly approaching, I want to start sharing little This and That posts about really rad handmade stuff that goes great with our sunglasses. I'll try and do this every week. There is so many amazing people out there making really beautiful things, and to go along with my goal of only buying handmade for the holidays, think of this as my unofficial holiday shopping guide!
{Kaylah's Zipper pouch and our Wenge + Aqua Sunglasses}
{Our Mahogany Sunglasses with Moorea's Native Tribe Necklace}

Have you started planning for the holidays yet? Are you also only buying handmade?



  1. Great picks! I have a "christmas wishlist" board on pinterest. LOL. I'm planning to get my loved ones handmade gifts if possible. :)