Monday, October 31, 2011

This and That // Vol 2

Back again with volume 2 of our Unofficial Holiday Shopping Guide. If you missed the first edition, I am making totally biased suggestions for your holiday shopping. It's all stuff that I love and think would make amazing gifts, paired up with a pair of our sunglasses. (insert shameless self promotion here) So I hope you love the things that I have picked out.

If you have any suggestions for me, or you want your product to be featured in our Unofficial Holiday Shopping Guide, email me at{at}gmail{dot}com. I only plan on featuring things that I totally love, but I don't know about everything that exists in the world, so shoot me an email!
{Elizabeth's Teddy Girl Clip-On bow tie and our classic Wenge Sunglasses}

I am totally sick again. I was starting to get well, and then last night, Doug was this close to taking me to urgent care. I couldn't stop coughing, and I am prone to getting pneumonia, but after a shot of Nyquil couch syrup and some pills (which by the way, it has been years since I took cold medicine, but totally needed it...) I feel asleep and slept until 10am!

We are working at home today getting everything ready to ship out for the shop! And we are hoping to go see The Rum Diaries tonight. Hope you have a great Halloween!



  1. I love those Cateye glasses!!

    I hope you feel better soon. I had a nasty sinus infection a couple of weeks ago. I bought those Bolthouse farms smoothies, the ones called "c-boost" and it really helped me out. they have sooo much vitamin C and it tastes so yummy! i get them everytime i get the sniffles.

    The eyeglasses case is a great gift idea!! i may have to add some of those to my etsy shop. >.>

  2. Thanks for including me, friend!

    I'm coming out of a week of illness, too. Keep on your vitamins and feel better!

  3. Thank you all.
    We love eyeglass cases, for obvious reasons!
    Elizabeth, i love the ladies bow ties! But, I also love arrows a lot too! Its a win-win!

  4. Oh no!!! Feel better!!! :(

    And I love your choices, so pretty!

    Happy Halloween!!!