Monday, October 17, 2011

There are few things greater than a to-do list of orders that is completely checked off. I won't show you the back side or page two, but when I look at this, it fills me with joy. I am coming down with a cold. OF COURSE! Of course I am coming down with a cold, right now, when we are this busy! But I'm going to power through it.
You know, I guess it's taboo to talk about when it comes to blogging. Or as my bestie Danielle said"the unspoken rules" but I'm going to say it, loud and clear. We're so broke. It's been rough. Go to the grocery or ship out orders. Pay the internet bill or buy materials. This or that. What can be put off, what is most important. Can we wait to pay the rent, can we get away with only paying half the phone bill. Do we eat ramen {mmmmm} so we can put gas in the van. Now before you go all crazy and point your little fingers up at that list, let me explain something to you. Our product isn't cheap to make. Of course we have a reasonable mark-up, but it isn't cheap. Our supplies don't grow in trees {err...wait a second.....} and for many of our wholesale orders, we don't get paid until after the product is delivered.

I always took my paychecks for granted you know, they paid a bill or two, or went to groceries. Having our own business is hard, and stressful and scary. We work 12, sometimes 18 hours a day and aren't making enough to buy groceries. Wouldn't that scare you? We are bound to the habits of etsy shoppers and etsy's newest policies/searches/ads have us biting our nails and over-checking the email. It's just the truth.

I'm glad for everything we have and so thankful for certain orders that have been placed recently, because without the support of our wholesale orders, we would be even more stressed out. Thankful isn't even a big enough word. So, yeah, bills suck. Being a small business owner is hard. We are grateful.

That is all for now. I feel yucky and need to finish some work tonight before I can hit the pillow.



  1. yikes! I can't imagine. I hope you woke up feeling quite refreshed.

  2. i feel ya.

    at least you're following your dreams! i'd love to be a small business owner but i know it's expensive and stressful and i'll probably be stuck with a stupid desk job foreverrrr!

    and hey, ramen is my good friend too right now ;)

  3. have you tried echinacea? i take it every time I think i am coming down with a cold, or feel my throat getting sore -- and I always feel 100% better the next day.

    just thought i'd throw it out there :-)

  4. I've learned from my dad the hard way about being self employed: Just don't do it. But like him I'm sure this will just be a bit of a dip and in no time at all you'll be doing great :)

  5. You're following your dreams, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.
    The fact that it's hard, and you have to work for it, is what is going to make it that much more sweeter when you're not broke, and you have cash flowing from your wallet.

    But I know what you're going through, I'm trying to get my dream job but because no ones hiring, it's hard.

  6. i hope you feel better soon, and i know it sucks to get sick when you have so much on your plate.

    it takes a different kind of person to be self-employed. you have to be tough, willing to go without (even when every other blogger seems to have a closet full of designer shoes), and ready to work all day and all night, and do it all with little pay. not everyone can handle it, but you and doug can because you rock EVERYBODY'S socks!

  7. thanks guys, it hard to be open sometimes, but I'm going to try more. I appreciate all of your support. <3

  8. Beca,

    Have you considered having your own web store, away from etsy?

    I hear you when you say money is tight but you'll have a bigger profit margin if you make the jump. My man does this for a living and I can talk to him about doing a simple design on the cheap.

    Let me know if you're interested.

    Good luck and get well.


  9. Steph,
    We're working on building a website, it's just a matter of getting the same traffic we are used to getting from etsy, but even that has diminished, so we're definitely working on it. I'll email you. :)