Sunday, October 23, 2011

Miniature Caramel Apples + Pretzels

Oh lordy lord. It has been a long time since I did anything but complain and post sunglasses related stuffs. Well, here is my redemption. I hope it is worthy. Oh, yes I do.

So these are the absolute last thing I should be eating right now, since I have a rotten tooth that needs to be err...extracted...tomorrow probably, if I can get a payment plan because mama can't afford the dentist right now...BUT, alas, they are also my favorite thing in the entire world. Like I could eat caramel apples all day long. Forever. Or just in the autumn. You know.

Get this, Doug and I went to get pumpkins today (buy one get one free, hooray) and while grabbing some fresh veggies, Doug brought me a little guy. A crab apple!! They are the tiniest, cutest things I have ever seen in the world. I instantly dumped the bag of red delicious apples out and grabbed a few of these. They can be pricey if you go crazy, so we got four. The perfect amount for itty bitty caramel apples.
Now, coring these things is a B word. I almost cut my finger off several times. But, I managed to get the cores out and stick, get favorite pretzels in them as the post. (please excuse my hands, they are stained with glue/dust, not gross un-washed, I promise, and be sure to not notice my blisters from cutting veneer. I work hard, yall.)
Normally, I make my own caramel, and maybe when I have the money to buy all the ingredients for it, I will share my world famous recipe, but today, I just used some caramel bits from Hersheys that I had in the pantry. This stuff is kind of tricky, so if you are nervous about heating up caramel on the stovetop, just get the microwave kind. It tastes just as good and is WAY easier to work with.
Dip your fancy little crab apple + pretzel into the hot hot caramel and stick those pups in the fridge to cool. If you are anything like me, you won't wait and you'll eat a still kind of hot one and burn your mouth and it will all be worth it.
Evidence. I think these would be great for little party treats, holiday snacks or just a foggy afternoon project. Damn it, I also can't get over how cute these apples are!
Do you like caramel apples? If you try this, link up to me so I can see yours!


PS I am definitely going to try to share more recipes and stuff like that! Let me know if there is anything you want to see. French Macarons are on the top of the list. Anything else?


  1. aww man, those look so delicious!

    dental debt is the worst, did you qualify for care credit or whatever it's called? that stuff has totally saved me!

    i am a sucker for any recipes/cooking stuff. i am currently looking for holiday inspiration.

  2. These look AMAZING!!! Nom nom nom, I want one!!!

  3. mmmmm! caramel!!!! those look delicious! and the plate is super cute too. :-P

  4. I love caramel apples and these are adorable. For some reason I kept thinking those pretzel sticks were the tiny tiny ones so I kept wondering where you found such a small plate to put them on lol.

    xo Amber P.

  5. haha, I wish they were the little tiny ones! then the apples would be extra small!! ;)

  6. mmm, those look so good! I LOVE caramel apples. especially rolled in peanuts.