Sunday, October 9, 2011

Doll House Challenge // pt 1

I finally started working on my dollhouse for the I'm a Giant Blog Challenge. I am so excited. It wasn't easy to build though, but how proud am I that I did it all by myself. (With a little help from all the dudes at the skateshop next door, holding pieces of the roof for me while I hot glued!)
I found some neat stuff at the swap meet this morning that I might be able to use. It brings my total amount spent to $8. I am on a super budget now that I am not working at the bakery anymore, for real. I got a PHONE CALL on Saturday morning from the owner letting me know what I already expected. They re-hired their original pastry chef and wouldn't need me anymore. I knew it was going to happen but it was still (is still) a bit of a shock. I guess this is the real motivation for me to get in gear and be my own boss for real!
Anyways, enough of that. It's been a rough week, if you haven't stopped following me on twitter yet, I am surprised. My amount of complaining and profanity went to an all time high in the past 5 days. I had the flu, lost my job, had some ebay/paypal issues, but I am ready to kick it into overdrive and get motivated. Big time.

Don't forget that today really is the last day to enter the blog giveaway for a pair of sunglasses.


PS Isn't my headband so freaking cute! I traded Chelsea from The Dainty Woods a pair of mounted antlers for it. I wear it waaaay too much! :) xoxoxo.


  1. That is so cute you are making a dollhouse! And Your headband is super adorable!
    Xo Chloe.

  2. Maybe you should get extra credit for involving boys in the building process? ;)


  3. Can't wait to see how the dollhouse turns out. Cute start!!!

  4. i can't wait to see your finished dollhouse!
    and that head band really is cute.

  5. Holy shit, my best mate had the exact same furniture for her dolls house! How crazy...
    Sorry to hear about your job :( hope everything works out

  6. first, i think i like that headband, and i wanna see more so i'll know if i need to get one!

    second, that skull for your house is rad.

    third, i've never thought of you as a compliner, but shit happens, so you use all the fucking profanity you want! ahahah!

    okay, and just as i was typing this, i saw the ps telling me where i could see the headbands. nevermind about the first part! well dern, i just looked and there's nothing in the shop.