Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Word about Pricing

If you have noticed in the past few days, we have increased our prices in the shop to around the average of $65 for a handcrafted pair of sunglasses! Please don't be alarmed, we haven't gotten greedy, we haven't lost our minds. We are having to hire someone to help us!! And to meet demand, we have to pay that person a wage. This is all so strange to us, but it is going to mean that within the next several weeks, we'll be getting more sunglasses done and shipped out faster than the current 3 week turnaround time.

Your sunglasses will still be the highest quality and still be 100% hand-crafted. We just can't afford to hire someone at the prices we were selling them for. Matter of fact. Straight to the point. I don't want to pull the wool over anyone's eyes and trust me, we're not money-hungry business people. We're just a couple of southern folk who want to make more sunglasses than we humanly can right now, so we need more hands and that's what we've done.

So! That's that. I just wanted to keep everyone informed. We've been working in the studio on sunglasses all day, took a few hours to set up at the shop, and now are back home, with our hands busy making shades. Such is life. Our best bud (co-owner of Tumbleweeds Odd Shop and the dude who is coming to make sunglasses with us) will be here in a few hours and we're stoked.

Hope all is well on your end and any feedback is appreciated. We love our customers, and all the friends we have made through the etsy community, blogging and this little business that has sprouted in the past 4 months. And boy are we grateful.

Lots of love,


  1. I think this is fantastic news. Congratulations you guys!

  2. excellent!!! your glasses are beautiful and the price is still a fantastic price.