Saturday, September 3, 2011

Please Remind Me

If I ever say I want to cut my hair/bangs ever again, just remind me of today and how much I love my hair. Right now. My bangs FINALLY grew out, and my hair is getting super long. I am pretty in love with Brandi's tutorial over on my pal Katie's blog for top knots, and have been wearing my hair in a crazy top bun all summer. My hair can be pretty out of control if it isn't put up.

Do you always cut your bangs and regret it instantly? I know I do. And I always come back to this length.


  1. Cuuuute!!! Honestly, I don't really care if I fuck up my hair. :P I've done some horrible, horrible things to my bangs and I just go "meh" and sweep them to the side. I love having them long, but they poke my eyeballs! >.<

    Right now I have pretty much your exact bang style and I looove it!

    You look adorable. ^_^

  2. i love the length of your bangs!
    It's really hard to decide whether you should cut your hair or not. especially when it's really long and it took you forever to get it to that point. ;/


  3. you can totally pull off long bangs, you look adorable!

  4. There has been several times I've regretted cutting my bangs mostly because I was over confident or in a hurry. I know for Valentines day they needed trimming so being in a hurry to do so I decided to take it off all at once (by holding my bangs together) and it just looked horrid. I had to cut them into short straight bangs instead of my usual swipe bangs :( Now I've learned to take my time with my bangs and they come out looking great every time.


  5. i lovelovelove your hair like this and it screams you. please keep it like this forever!


  6. You look adorable! You shouldn't "not cut your bangs," just cut them to this length next time! :)

  7. oh, the dreaded bangs. i love your hair, and i love bangs in general, but i always seem to hate them on me (why then am i about to make an appointment to get my hair cut which will include bangs?).