Friday, September 30, 2011


Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of someone else's inspiration and bam, you go on a favoriting frenzy, finding a million awesome things, talking to new people, and feeling well, inspired. I felt like that this morning. Today has been insanely busy, of course, I finally got a good number of sunglasses prepped, glued up and ready to be cut out. I drank so much coffee today, got an awesome email about a pretty rad wholesale order (SOUTH AFRICA), organized and changed up displays in the local shop, made plans for an aweosme giveaway on the blog for next month, washed my hair (I know, right!) made a pizza and watched a not-so scary movie (The Forgotten) with the mister and now here I am ready to show you where some of that inspiration came from.

We were featured in a treasury this morning, and I'm not going to lie, we get featured in a lot of treasuries. (Thank you!!) Normally I peek, click, comment, and move on because although they are usually nice, they don't pull me in. I guess I am just jaded, or so busy my brain is kind of fried. But this morning, I clicked on the treasury link and proceeded to go to every single one of the shops featured.

First and foremost, our birds eye maple sunglasses were the ones featured, so you can imagine how nicely they fit in with all of the other shops. (I'm featuring products that were not in the treasury, so if you want to see the items that were originally featured, check out the original treasury!)

Mr.Lentz is probably one of my new favorite shops. His craftsmanship is incredible! You really do have to go through his shop to get the whole range, but even this little ring makes my heart melt.
Dolce Crochet is full of dainty and beautiful yarn work. Each piece is immaculate and the photography and styling of the shop is so good! I really wish I had the patience and talent to crochet this good, but my crochet is sooo sad. I know someone who is really good at it, too.
Okay, I am not joking when I say I want these rings. And a lot of other stuff from Autumn Equinox. Just go look. Seriously. This. and This.
And, honestly, these are too good to not want. From tealandgold
And lastly, I can't wear these, but that doesn't mean I can't swoon over them. Dang it stupid gauges that I hate now and will never close up. Jibby and Juna.
Whew. I hope you saw the same magic that I did. Heavens knows I have been nothing short of a brain dead zombie recently. It feels good to get motivated and out of the fog.


  1. I love the triangle earrings! And congrats on getting into the treasury... again :P

  2. haha. again...I love treasuries! I think it sounded snotty that were featured all the time, it's actually really rad that it happens on the daily! :)

  3. guuh all i do is favorite things and then save up to buy them 6 months later haha. now you have me favoriting more things!!