Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Getting to Know you // Vol 2

No birthday wishlist yet, I just can't seem to find enough time to sit down and make it. Maybe tomorrow. For now, another little installment of the name game...20 questions....getting to know you.
{I took these photos 1 year ago, today, it's fun looking back at photos that are exactly one year old.}

6. When I was a child, I had a reoccurring nightmare about a blob monster that ate everything except beds, and hiding under beds was the only way to save yourself. I dreamed this almost every night until I was at least 12, if not older. I still have no idea what it means.
7. I started saving for college from the moment I was born; my grandpa opened a savings bond for me. When I was 9, I started babysitting a lot and put every penny of it into my college fund. I dropped out of high school when I was 15, went back, made up all of my failed classes in night school, and graduated with my diploma at 16. I had my Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts by the time I was 21.
8. While working as a videographer for PBS, I shot a segment of a minute men rally in Tombstone that was submitted for a regional emmy. We didn't get nominated, but it was rad to think that the producers loved it enough to submit it for consideration.
9. I have never tasted a french macaron that I didn't make. I would love to try them from someone else. {hint hint}
10. When I turned 6, my mom made mousey cupcakes for my birthday party. It was poolside, and we invited 6 other girls. Unfortunately, I ended up being the odd-man-out, and felt really sad that I got left out at my own birthday party. But I remember loving those cupcakes. My mom and I haven't talked in almost a year, since my birthday last year. How sad.
I have three puppies that want to snuggle and I am exhausted. Tomorrow *may* be my last day at the bakery. Some things have changed in the past day, but I don't know yet, so I don't want to say anything, except that we all have to wait until tomorrow, including me.

Tell me somethings about you, so I can get to know you, too. I loved reading all the comments last time, really!



  1. hi:) your video being submitted for emmy consideration is a pretty darn awesome tidbit! so cool. and that blob monster reoccurring(a loong time) dream is interesting. i love reading 'getting to know yous'.

    something about me...hmmm...
    i had sleep paralysis last night and started to hear these really loud turbo-fan like noise in my ears, which they say happens when your about to have an outer body experience! but then i got scared and woke myself somehow and all the sound immediately disappeared.

    wow, didn't mean to get weird real fast! lol. but it's what i could think of right now.

    oh also, i LOVE your glasses that i see floating around the blogisphere! what a talented duo!

  2. Thanks for your compliment Gale!
    That sleep paralysis deal sounds super scary! I've read about it before. Yikes! Thanks for sharing though!

  3. Hey Beca,

    I just wanted to let you know I am featuring Tumbleweed on my Wednesday Wish List today. I am a new start-up blog, so I don't know how much traffic I'll get, but I truly love your product (and blog). I couldn't think of anything more appropriate for a sunny, summer Wednesday

  4. I had a odd birthday party when I was 10. My birthday is in the summer and I wanted to have a sleep over but all my friends I invited were at camp or on vacation with parents/grandparents so only one girl came (she lived down the road.) We had a blast and made a teddy-gram beach cake but it sucked I had one girl over for my first slumber party :(


  5. Thanks for all these lovely, and some sad things, about you.

    About me? Well I remember lots of my dreams for instance.
    When I was little I had dream about a bad guy coming into my house and me flying out of my house across the street over the roofs and then I ended up right where I started... It repeated itself a couple of times.

    I remember one birthday I didn't like too. A girl I invited started to entertain everyone with something I got that day and was super excited about, but when it was my turn everyone was like "yeah we saw her do it, that was enough". And everyone was making a mess so I got the vacuum out and started cleaning up. I think I was 9.

    End on a light note shall we?
    I read my magazines backwards:)

  6. Nobody ever tells you how exhausting it is having doggies. But even though they are knackering and stinky, we love them so!
    Also- I didn't see my dad for four years (from 17 to 21 years old) and now we get along. You never know what will happen.

  7. Your school & video stories are just confirming how awesome you are.

    I have reoccurring nightmares about loose teeth/loosing teeth. They're awful and I wish I knew what they meant, if they indeed mean anything.