Monday, July 11, 2011

Other People's Eyes

Remember when I said that we drove up to LA the other day to drop off an order. Well, I was SO excited to wake up this morning with a text from photographer Cale Glendening with a sneak peek from a little photo shoot where our shades made an appearance.
And then tonight, he sent us the link with some photos from the shoot for me to share! I am in love, they are gorgeous!
Aren't they beautiful. I told Cale earlier that it is so great to see our sunglasses through other people's eyes. I keep looking back at these in awe.
The photos were taken by Cale Glendening and modeled by Mynxii White.


  1. Those are gorgeous!!! Lovely photo shoot and obviously, lovely glasses. ;)

  2. Lovely, and congrats on your success! (p.s. I'm dying for a pair of these but, my face looks stupid in most sunglasses :( )

  3. Your glasses look incredible! Keep up the uh-mazing work.