Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hair Net How-To Pt. 2

This is what I do when I have a few extra minutes in the morning and want to do something a little cuter than just covering up. Keep in mind, when I wear my hair like this, I have to wear a thin hair-net over the exposed part, but it's worth it because it looks so darn cute.

I start by braiding a silk scarf into pigtails. I may make a video of this, because it's kind of awkward, but you tie in one end so it's very long, and take the excess and braid that into the other side so you have a loop, or a U.
Criss-Cross your braids in the back and pull them up, so the loop is above your head. Criss-cross again, like your doing a turban, and loop it back under the braids. Kind of like a stretchy headband, but with your hair intertwined.
It ends up looking kind of patchwork if your hair is shorter, but I'm sure if yours is longer, you'll be able to see the braids.
I'd love to see how you up-style your hair, for work or for fun! Hope you're having a great day!



  1. This is SO cute!!! I'm not quite sure if my hair is long enough yet :( but when it is, I am so trying this! You have such wonderful ideas. :D

  2. oh gosh! i love this and it's so simple - even i can do it :) thanks for sharing!