Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Face Time

Handmade is our whole life. We live and breathe it. We love it. It tickles us to know that somebody is walking around and our sunglasses are right there, front and center. It's also scary, because if you make a bracelet, or a wall hanging, or shoes and they aren't *exactly* what the customer expected, it doesn't seem like it's as big of a deal. But if you receive a product that is going right on your face, and it isn't quite what you imagined, they just won't get worn. That worries us. Of course. We think about it often, making sure our product is the best it can be and gets to every new home meeting and exceeding expectations.
We strive to make our sunglasses unique and special, each and every one. From the grain we choose, to the shape and style. We want them to be outstanding. One of a kind. We want your face to be happy when you put them on. Our sunglasses are bold. They are the centerpiece. They are conversation starters and we always hope that when you open your box from us, you are thrilled. When you put them on your face, they are nothing but perfect.
But we also know that sometimes they aren't. We are only human! This has been a learning experience and we are constantly getting better. Sometimes, you have to give in and accept your flaws. Learn from mistakes and grow into something new and wonderful.
And sometimes you have to make funny faces. We're just a little family and we love what we do. You can always email us or convo us through Etsy if you have any questions about the quality and durability of our sunglasses.

Speaking of our little family. We did a lot of working today {me at the bakery, Doug in our studio} and a few moments of back yard playing. Doug fixed the van, I helped him wax it. I played with moo, and watered my garden. Now we're going to grab a bite to eat and get back to work!
Some rad things happening in the garden/yard right now. My tomatoes are growing like crazy, and the watermelon are beautiful. No little melons yet, but the leaves are big and green and healthy.
Also, there is a dead vine on the fence and it is covered in spider webs, and while I was taking photos, I saw a spider graba fly! It was pretty neat.
Maybe we'll do a little video blog later tomorrow or the next day, I'm trying to talk Doug into it! ;) Also, I am SO excited that tomorrow Cal is coming to visit and I can't wait to see her and do lots of cool stuff, like eat fry bread tacos and go to the beach.

Lots of work to do tonight. Hope you have a great night! What's going on in your life??



  1. LOVE all of the pictures . Your kitty is so pretty and so are those glasses on our lovely face :)

  2. Your sunglasses are amazing :) And you should definitely do a video blog - that would be awesome!

    Katie x

  3. Do you guys ever do farmers' markets in the area?

  4. not yet because we've been so busy, but hopefully soon! Are you local?

  5. Yep! I live in Escondido.