Friday, June 24, 2011

A Trip to the Fair

Today, after work, Doug took me to the fair! It was such a great night! I am exhausted now
And now for the food. We actually didn't eat as much as I thought we would, mostly because it was really expensive and we're on such a tight budget...but we did splurge and had funnel cake with bacon and maple on it, a deep fried krispy creme donut/chicken sandwich, a turkey leg and some strawberry shortcake from the little pink gingerbread house. I kind of feel like dying now, but it was totally worth it.
I love the fair, I don't even like rides, I just like people watching, eating fried food and walking around. And I love fun houses, no matter how cheesy they are!! It was an awesome evening!

DO you like the fair? What are your favorite things to do at the fair?



  1. I haven't really ever visited a fair, only a carnival and that was when I was a super little girl. My favorite parts were the live pony riding and carousal! I also loved the ducky game where you had to lift the ducks to see what prize you won! I cannot wait until Jen and I can go to a carnival/fair together!!! We're also on a VERY tight budget. Doesn't it suck sometimes?

  2. bacon and funnell cake!!! omg! I must have some!

  3. that looks like so much fun! we must be on the same brain wavelength or something because just yesterday i was telling chris about how i wanted to go to a fair or carnival (and it's mainly for the cheeseburgers and funnel cakes, and yes, i know that's terrible).

  4. it's because were conjoined quads.

  5. Looks so fun! Yay! Awesome photos.