Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Peek into our Kitchen

Our kitchen is very, very yellow and white. It has the original yellow and beige counter tile from the 1960s when the house was built, but brand new ugly white tile on the floor. I wish the kitchen had the hard wood floors like the rest of our house, but C'est la vie. I love bright colors mixed with muted browns and off white and 70's kitchenware.
I used to have so many cooking and baking books, but when we moved, they had to be sold to make room for other necessities. I am starting to build my collection again, and this book is one of my favorites. The recipe box is actually filled with hand written recipes from the 50s!
I have my fair share of baking accessories and Pyrex. I am the opposite of a Pyrex snob. I only buy Fire King and Pyrex if it's under $1. That's bad, right? I am a brat when it comes to kitchen ware, and super selective. The little old lady comes out in me when I buy kitchenware and won't budge on my rule. No Pyrex for over $1.
When it comes to these old Tropicana picnic ware, I won't stop. I LOVE them! Usually I don't have to because they come in sets for under $5, like the pink ones on the right was a set of five tumblers and 2 mugs for $5, and that made me ultra happy. I also have a crazy love for wheat grass glasses and old jelly jars!
This little timer makes me happy. It has the cutest ding!
Our fridge is covered in little notes and letters from friends, receipts and vintage magnets from places we've never been. (btw, below is two separate photos that kind of look like it is one photo. Weird, right!)
One of the greatest swap meet finds I have ever gotten is this cast iron ginger bread mold. I can't wait for Christmas time to make gingerbread houses.
Hope you liked our kitchen!



  1. Cute kitchen and I LOVE the quote on your mug! ;) I also love that you have handwritten 50s recipes, ahhhh!!!

    Also, that gingerbread house mold!!! AHHHH!!! It wasn't until I moved in with my wife and her parents when I was 18 that I had gingerbread. My mother-in-law decided to make gingerbread men for Christmas time and she dropped one, broke his head in the oven and he caught on fire. We still tease her about being the gingerbread murderer to this day. ;)

  2. I love your tumblers and that cute apple cookbook. I like see peeks into peoples kitchens, people's real kitchens...not the fakey kind that are all perfect.