Friday, June 24, 2011

Ham and Cheese

I started craving cheddar pinwheels like crazy when I saw the one's Emma made for her guest post on Leigh-Ann's blog and knew that I had to make them. We've been eating out a lot, and both realized that we didn't want to anymore, so these, of course, were on the top of my list for summer dinners! We like meat, so I changed the recipe a bit and added ham. They can be made like Emma's; vegetarian.

I am going to warn you in advance, they are super addictive.
Yours don't have to be this neat and organized, but I thought it looked cute.
I made two batches and the second came out way more puffy and crispy. I think it's because I used a flat pan and not a cake pan. I don't know why I did that, but I did and that's that. Moral of the story. Use a flat pan.
Yay for cooking/baking at home again! I'm not going to lie, being in a kitchen all day kind of takes the inspiration out of making food at home, but I am trying to get back in the groove. Thanks all you lovely bloggers who post such beautiful food to inspire me!!



  1. These look so delicious! I am going to try this on the weekend. Would go great with coffee.

  2. Those look so good right now! Ugh I have everything but the pastry puff :(

  3. These would be perfect for a brunch! I think I'm going to try them. :)

  4. Now I'm hungry! You always do that, haha.

  5. pinwheels are MY FAVORITE!!!! thank-you for this recipe and photos to go with it because i am TOTALLY going to make these!!! yuuum