Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Home Tour Part One - The Living Room

This is the first part of our home tour. I'm not going to write about every little thing, but I will tell you that we are NOT white space, light colored anything. I like my internet space full of white space and clean and tidy, but my home space is full of rich browns, deep warm colors and a little bit of clutter. I am not embarrassed by the clutter, I embrace it and try to make use of our very very small space.
Doug's workspace in the living room since there really isn't a lot of work space in our studio.
Our TV stand is from the sidewalk down the street. We found it walking home from the bar and Doug and Chris put it on their skateboards and pushed it home. It was quite the adventure. I love the chevron design on the front.
This jungle yarn embroidery is HUGE! And I am deeply in love with it. Every time I look at it I am still in awe that someone made this with their hands!
I like old Mexican blankets and the couch is covered with one to keep it somewhat clean. Although this couch isn't really my style, we got it for free from a friend when we first moved here and it is pretty comfy.
So that's our little tiny living room. It's cozy and warm and comfortable. We spend a lot of our time eating dinner, checking emails, watching movies and working on projects in this little space.

Next week, Kitchen, studio and photo room.



  1. Even though I didn't go into your bedroom or see your complete bathroom, I still love your little place. I love that it is detached and its own place, plus hardwood floors! and I lovelovelove the cozy feel!

    With that said, we need to hangout again sooooooooooooon

  2. HAHA my boyfriend also has a bear he likes to keep on the wall. I'm more of a shabby chic taste, so he keeps it on the wall in his room... at his mom's house. Yours ties in really well though! lol
    PS: If you get a chance, enter my giveaway!

  3. Love this! Tried to be minimalist in the past and it's not for me... I just have too much cool stuff ;-)

  4. Love the floor and the awesome tv stand!!