Saturday, May 28, 2011

26 Before 26

First of all, look at this pretty ring we have in our shop right now! I would keep it if it fit me. Somebody please snatch this up before I change my mind!!!
Secondly, my 26th birthday is in 77 days. That seems really far away but I think now just may be the perfect time to make a nice little list of 26 things I want to complete/focus on before my 26th birthday. That gives me about 2 1/2 months to do all of this and we'll see if I have when the time rolls around.

1 // Learn how to cook well and creatively. Cook more at home.
2 // Travel somewhere I have never been,
3 // Finish the crochet blanket I started last year.
4 // Start painting with oils.
5 // Lose enough weight to get to my goal weights of 160.
6 // Learn as much as I can about my job in the next two months to make me the best pastry chef I can be.
7 // Take better care of my skin/face.
8 // Get my drivers license back.
9 // Write more letters.
10 // Start a 5 year journal.
11 // Ride my bike to work everyday, or at least 5 days a week.
12 // Make ice cream
13 // Downsize my belongings
14 // Make a documentary
15 // Do everything I can to help make Doug's full time job making sunglasses!
16 // Make-over my blog!
17 // Take family portraits
18 // Read more books (thank you book club!!)
19 // Go to a berry/flower/fruit/vegetable festival
20 // Wear more dresses
21 // Wake up early and walk to get a coffee with my love before work at least once a week
22 // Make a batch of friendship bread. I haven't in a while and it's so therapeutic. (I will blog about it)
23 // Make more friends in San Diego. I am SUCH a homebody and so awkward. I think that's why I love blogging so much. The awkwardness is maybe less.. Maybe....
24 // Get my eyebrows done professionally. I have never done ANYTHING to them and I kind of want to!
25 // Go to the flower farm with my man and pick lots of pretty flowers.
26 // Make pomegranate juice from my pom tree

Some are big, some are small, some are just daily or weekly goals. I'm excited to work towards these and will be coming back to cross things off the list. Lets see how many I can do before August!

What goals do you have right now?



  1. beca, i love the idea of making a list! so i guess if i started now on my 30 before 30 list, i'd have plenty of time to accomplish those things since my birthday isn't rolling around again until april!

    the thing about friends, i need to change that in my life. i have some, but i don't feel like i have a really close local friend that i can tell anything, and i really need that. i'm super awkward too, and not everyone gets my sense of humor, so i know i can just come off as really weird, and truly, i don't even know how to make friends anymore! i worry i'm too old.

    good luck with marking these things off your list, and i hope you'll keep us updated!

  2. girl, if only we lived in the same city, we could be awkward, hilarious friends together. I hate trying to make friends. I am so bad at it. I did meet on rad blogger friend, but seriously was so worried I would come across as a weirdo. I hope I didn't. Now I worry. Ahh...anyways.
    make a list now, you'll have more time than me!

  3. i love that ring! I wish i lived in San Diego! Theres no cool Canadians :(

  4. i really like making lists of goals...i haven't done so in a while and this makes me wanna make one. a 23 things before 23 (i've got 6 months).

    i actually love your spoon initial ring more than that owl ring...its awesome!

    i am a total homebody too...and i have very few close friends in san francisco...fortunately my best friend since age 16 moved here 2 years ago...or i would be even more of a homebody!

    but, alas, i am moving again in a couple we shall see!

  5. i love reading lists like these... especially the small things because it's all about the little things.

    like #24-- my eyebrows are horrible! to treat myself, i go and get them done and i tell you, it makes me feel pretty the whole day :) threading is even better if you can find a place that does it but yes! you'll never not want to do them. that said, i wish i could do "nothing" with my eyebrows and they look okay! Lucky!

    PLEASE blog about friendship bread!

    and hurray for the book club! my power turned out today for a few hours and i was glad that i made the trip to the library earlier to get the book, because i sure was glad to read it outside on our back porch.


    ps. i wish i lived in san diego! we'd be bffs, i just know it!

  6. Ashlee, I also love my spoon initial ring that never leaves my finger. Doug made it for me a few years ago and I cherish it. It's one of my most prized possessions. Thank you!

  7. Love the list! I recently got my eyebrows done, I felt like it totally changed the look of my face. Loved it!

  8. yeah, I am definitely going to get them done!

  9. Great list! "Visit a place I've never been" is on my list too. Good luck and have fun!! :)

  10. Great goals! I definitely need to do 1, 7, 9, & 20 more too! I think having long/short term goals are super important!

  11. Visiting from FN-- This is quite an ambitious list and I'm very impressed! Good luck, and I look forward to seeing you cross some of them off before your bday!

  12. I've only got a month until my 26th birthday and being on the back end of my 20's is freakin me out a little! Your list has inspired me to create my own though :) Shorter, so I can actually get it done!

  13. I will be 30 in a couple of months. I have never thought of making a I might try it out! I love that owl ring, by the way!

    Just came by from: frecklednest
    sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  14. I super love lists. I have a list ( that is kind of revolving. When one period ends, then I begin it again. I'm at about 50% accomplishment for the first two and hoping to reach %60 or more for the next one. Good luck with yours!

  15. This is a great list! I have faith that you can accomplish it all! Keep up the great work, love!