Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Walk in the Park

Yesterday after we picked up Doug from work, we drove over to Balboa park to take Ollie out. We have both been working so much, that the dogs have been feeling a little down lately. Ollie was really excited to be out, but he still had time to stop and smell the flowers.
Or another dog's pee. Whatever it may have been it was pretty cute. We discovered this bmx trail and roamed through that for a while. There was also an incredible amount of wild flowers. Ollie loved when I pick him up...
The trees were incredible. I felt like a tiny little ant under those massive guys.
It was a really awesome walk in the park and I feel so lucky that the park is smack dab in the middle of the city and we can get there in 5 minutes!

Okay, we'll, I purposefully slept in until 10 today and woke up with a caffeine withdrawl. I haven't slept in until 10 in a while...But now, I have A LOT to do so I hope everyone has a great Thursday! I'm going to get as much done as I can on my day off!



  1. awww, ollie is such a handsome guy! and i love his freckles!

  2. his freckles are my favorite part...did you know that his name before us was "Speckles"!?!

  3. Ollie is sooo cute!! And those trees are super awesome!

  4. have you been to the dog park on grape street? i think your pups would love it!

  5. We haven't. I want to take Charlie there, the other two don't do super well at dog parks. Monster tries to attack every dog (especially pugs, he hates pugs,) and Ollie plays too hard and other dogs/owners always get mad. He just doesn't know how strong he is, and sometimes gets carried away. He does good for about 15 minutes, but then he gets too wound up and often times gets in fights, so I don't like to risk it. He's fine on the leash.....long story short...I want to take Charlie. haha.