Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring into Summer Vol 1 - Danielle's Garden

Since Spring is officially here, that means only one thing. Summer is on its way. I am definitely a summer girl. Spring is great and all, but sunshine and hot, hot weather is my favorite. It's when I get the most done and when I am the happiest. I also know that it's hard to complete a to-do list without somebody motivating you check off those to-dos. Danielle over at Just About Anywhere and I have joined together to challenge each other to get those looming to-dos done!

Danielle sent me a list of 10 goals she would like to complete and with each "Spring into Summer" feature, I will choose one of those goals at random. This week, we're going to start with indoor container gardening. Danielle has written a lot about wanting to start a garden. I am challenging her to get a container garden started and growing.

Here's some container gardens that make me swoon and some resources to get her garden going!
The Gardeners Rake advises that "soil is always the key to a healthy plant. For containers and hanging baskets use an artificial soil composed mostly of peat moss."
A refrigerator garden! via treehugger
This pretty and clean, white garden is maybe more unattainable for a busy schedule, but sure is nice to swoon over.
When space is hard to come by, a vertical garden is a great idea.
This pretty teapot plant! I like using weird, unexpected jars and drawers to plant in.

And some resources:

You can check in at Danielle's blog to see her progress and find out what she challenges me to do!

If you want to be a part of this blog challenge, please email me at{at}gmail{dot}com with 10 goals you have for the quickly approaching summer and we will include you in this feature with a link up to your blog. Also, if you have any suggestions for Danielle's container garden that you want to share, we owuld love to hear your advice!

If you would also like to share the blog button for this feature, here is the button html for you to grab.
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  1. great idea! i love it! gardening is on my goal list too - except a garden in the ground :) I've attempted one the last two years- get it tilled, everything planted and about half-way through the process, I some how let it all get out of hand! Hoping that doesn't happen this year!