Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Rose is a Carrot is a Patty melt is a Chocolate Butterfly

When I got off work today, I rode my bike home in the rain and it was not awesome. But, I made it home, ate delicious patty melt that one of the cooks at work made me. When it wa sready he said to me "you're one of us now!" and it was rad. It was a pretty good day. It's weird getting back in the swing of things. I know that I am good at what I do, but sometimes nerves and wanting to do everything right can make for a kind of stressful day. It will get better and easier. Here's some crappy cell phone pictures of my day.
The aftermath of a carrot cake.
And some black and white butterfly cupcakes.
And when I got home, I ate my sandwich and then played dress up with pretty roses from my garden. I am so excited that we have the prettiest rose bush. It's kind of out of control. Just like my hair today!

I'm going to talk Doug into going to the movies with me. Later dudes!


  1. you had me at rose, then again at carrot, then again at patty melt, but you almost lost me at chocolate. ew! your butterflies sure are pretty though!

    oh i can't wait until my rose bushes start blooming! they're covered in all of the new growth red leaves, so it's just a matter of time! your roses are so pretty!

  2. can i come over? :)

    what movie did you guys end up seeing?

  3. Danielle, we're in the minority! The people want what the people want! haha.

    and yes, Micaela, come over now!

  4. dude, your roses are so gorgeous. And i'm slightly amazed by those chocolate butterflies..and by slightly, i really mean- completely.

  5. aww, thanks. I was actually kind of mad at them because they don't really look the way I wanted them to, but it was my first day back in a bakery full time in almost a year (albeit a few scattered fill in days here and there) next time I'll use a smaller tip...ramblings of a sleepy lady...xox

  6. Those cupcakes are masterful - if only I had hired you to tackle my wedding cake! ;)


    All This Grace and Charm

  7. Did you make those cupcakes?! They're pretty legit.
    Also, those roses are beautiful.
    Our roses haven't bloomed much...and I always cut them anyways to put all around my house.
    Reminds me of that Robert Herrick poem: "gather ye rosebuds while ye may. Old time is still a-flyin'.

  8. I wish I could have made your cake too, Carly. Sorry that it didn't come out the way you expected. Thats the worst.

    Carla, yes, I made them. Thank yooooou.
    Also, the best thing you can do for rose bushes is cut them. The more energy the bush has to put into keeping the pretty ones pretty, it won't grow as many or as big. I trim my rose bush daily. It died away during winter, but as soon as spring struck, I've been filling our house with roses.
    Clip away!!

  9. LOVE your roses, especially in your hair!! :)
    Also, impressive butterflies.