Friday, April 22, 2011

And Eat Your Cake, Too!

One of my favorite parts about being a pastry chef is decorating birthday cakes. It's so incredible to be a part of somebodies happy day. And sometimes they're fun. sometimes they're weird, and sometimes they are just plain ridiculous.

And sometimes the story behind the cake is really sweet and it makes my heart warm with happiness to be a part of that special day. Like today, I made this giraffe cake for a woman's 84th birthday. Her son painted this giraffe from the San Diego zoo and she loved the painting so much she wanted it on a cake for her birthday. The requests were very detailed as you can see in the first photo, he even drew out a picture of what it "should" look like. Yellow buttercream, green details, exact giraffe, the giraffe's name below, and "Happy 84th Birthday Mom!" underneath. I am really happy with how it came out.
The next cake I did today was a 'boob' cake. And there really isn't much I can say about it, except that I giggled and blushed like a 13 year old the whole time I was making it. Not as bad as the vagina cakes last week that I refuse to share photos of.
And lastly, a sheet cake with baby Elmo on it for a one year old's birthday. I was pretty straight forward, and I was moderately happy with it, but next time there are some things I want to do differently, and probably would have made the balloons out of fondant. I was just running out of time, I was at work for 9 hours today!

I hope ya'll like taking a peek into what I do at work all day. I know it probably isn't as interesting as other stuff, like when I was a stay-at home dog mom, but I like sharing. I love hearing your thoughts on the projects that I share, too!

I hope you all have a great weekend. I can't wait until Sunday. It's our anniversary!! Goodnight, friends!



  1. ohmygosh those are so good! my boyfriends parents own a bakery & make cakes similar to that and i've always been interested in learning!

  2. They look awesome. Vagina cakes? I need one of those for my birthday, just to watch everyone else's uncomfortable expressions as I open the cake box.

  3. I love seeing what you do at work! Love when you share. You've so very talented! I'm a little perplexed by a vagina cake -- the boob cake is pushing it a little, but the other? wow! lol. and i'm not a prude! can you tell us what occasion calls for a handmade vagina cake?

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  5. thanks ladies. the vagina cakes were for a safe sex seminar!

  6. no i LOVE the sharing!!! hilarious boob cake!!!!!

  7. BAHAHAAA. Love that they served them at a safe sex seminar - that makes it even better - or worse. I'm not sure. Your cakes are amazing by the way! You did such a great job! I want to cuddle Elmo.
    I love the photo of the Elmo cake with all the icing smudges underneath, looks like a painters pallet :)

  8. they look great! I have to say I am intrigued that you were asked to make a vagina cake!