Monday, March 14, 2011

Pink Lady Apple Coaster

We got a new coffee table and end tables the other day and I am terrified of them getting messed up. I found this super cute pattern for apple coasters and started making them earlier today.
And of course, key limes in cherry vanilla soda. Oh so spring!
We're taking Ollie to the beach when Doug get's home from work. For some reason, Ollie has been acting out lately. I think he's bummed that Doug and I work so much. I understand. He is very sensitive and when we aren't around, even to just cuddle him or throw his toy around for him, he get's sad. I'm sure any dog-mama understands.



  1. This dog momma understands!!! that's why we have 3 ha

    i'm sure ollie loved the beach!! what good dog parents you are.

    ps. i'm LOVING the coasters!!! I collect apple decor cos my husband's grandparents once ran an apple farm outside of atlanta... they still have the property and i dream of one day settling down there with our future family (and dogs). apples are sentimental to me indeed :)

  2. we have three too, Micaela! It's the perfect number...even though I want a fourth ( a little girl) I don't think it'll least not at this house.

    I'd love to see photos of your apple collection!

  3. oh my gosh! are you going to start making and selling those on your etsy?! i need those in my life asap. jon and i have been on the hunt for perfect coasters since we moved in together, a year ago! those are super duper fabulous!

  4. I didn't really think to sell them, but if you want a set, let me know. I could make you some. :)