Tuesday, March 1, 2011

For Grandpa

Yesterday, I went to the mail like everyday. I love getting mail. I wait for the mail to come. I know my post man, he knows our dogs and we're good old pals. Ha! So, I was so excited to see a package from my Grandparents, as I wasn't expecting anything.

Inside the package was something that is so near and dear to my heart, I instantly burst into tears and cried for the next 15 minutes until Doug came home from work and then I cried some more.

My Grandpa Jack is 90 years old, and he has Alzheimer disease. I talk to him every weekend, and some days , he remembers me and jokes with me about when I'm going to get married, but other days, he has no idea who I am and talks to me the same way he would address a stranger - polite and distant. I try to stay positive, and I ALWAYS call, no matter how hard it gets.

One thing that hasn't changed is that my Grandpa Jack is a fantastic story teller. He is charismatic and I could listen to him for days. One story that I have always cherished is the story of him and three friends breaking a world record for bicycle endurance in 1929. He was 8 years old.

My grandma sent me the original newspaper article. Here it is. My grandpa is the little boy on the bike on the right side of the article.
The story meant so much to me that a few years ago, I got a half sleeve tattoo of it by Isaiah at Staring Without Caring. He took some creative liberties and made it whimsical and beautiful. The banner says "I remember" because it doesn't matter that my grandpa can't remember much of anything anymore, I will always remember.

I worked all day today, and my brain was spinning with ideas, so I am going to camp out at the sewing machine until Doug gets home.



  1. I love that it says "I Remember". That gave me goosebumps. Has he seen it?

  2. Thank you. He hasn't as I haven't been back to Florida in years, but I told him about it. He said I was crazy, then asked me when I was going to marry this man of mine, a very regular question from him...

  3. this is so amazing for so many reasons! i love that he broke a record, and i think it's so special that it's on your body forever!

    my grandpa has been gone for 2 years as of monday, and he was a champion bowler, so i've thought about getting a bowling pin tattoo in honor of him.

    grandpas are so special!

  4. I LOVE the bowling pin idea. It so wonderful to look down at my arm and see him and just remember.

    Grandpas are special. I want to get a wood saw for my other grandpa who is a craftsman and expert woodworker. He would laugh though. he thinks my tattoos are hi-lar-ious. He asked me if I joined the navy last time I saw him....