Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunset Cliffs

We got coffee (I got a peppermint mocha) and donuts and went to my favorite spot this morning. Sunset cliffs! I am in love. I feel so happy and in love in the coves of the cliffs. After a really stressful and tiring week, it was so lovely.
I held a baby crab!!! I squealed every time it crawled sideways. I have this crazy phobia of holding small animals in my hands, so I am trying to not be such a weirdo. Look how cute his little mouth is!
And Doug took this photo that I am totally in love with. I think I look like a life size doll.
It is finally my weekend. I am in a much better mood now!

(PS, we are adding about 100 items to the shop within the next day or so, so come on by!)


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